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It’s that time of the year when I start cleaning out closets and I look around my house and think ok what do I want to change! For over 13 years nearly all of our furniture has been the same so typically I change out accessories and small decor but this year I’m starting to get some updated pieces.

My husband and I have always been in the mindset of when it comes to furniture, purchase quality pieces so it they last and we have been very happy with all our Pottery Barn purchases. I also just love their esthetic and customer service. The downfall is the LONG wait times to get things. So I am sharing a few of the items we have purchased to update our living room, some items that we have our eye on for the future and what’s already in our home.

What we currently have

Pottery Barn Rug // I love the color combos of khaki, blues and dark brown in this rug.

Wagon Wheel Chandelier // We put up this large chandelier last year with a dimmer and “smart” outlet and love it. With our super high ceilings it can really brighten up the room in a way the previous fan never could.

Silk Stripe Curtains// These were my first “big” purchase when we move in and I still love them. They are pricy and we needed a pretty long length but I’ve been happy with them for 6 years. The bad news is these are completely sold out and no longer available these were the closest I could find.

Toy Basket// I hate when my kids (mostly my son) leaves toys all over our coffee table so I grabbed this taller basket and it’s amazing!

Olive Branch & Vase// I recently picked up this olive branch/ vase arrangement from the Target Studio McGee line and it’s such a great scale for above our mantle. I’m hoping that the dusty sage leaves look good with the art. Unfortunately like much of that line it’s almost completely sold out so the alternative is grabbing these stems that we have in our bedroom.

Gold Knot// Funny enough I found this at my local Target before it came out and have loved it! We have moved it all around our living room for months and it has a good weight and size for a nice pop of visual interest. For $20 it’s waaayy less expensive than others I’ve seen similar.

Faux Moss Decor// When I first got this my husband thought it looked like a mound if pot, he’s kinda not wrong! Funny enough I kept it because every time I see it I kinda giggle, I think we need those pieces in life.

Similar Wood Accessory// We have two wood clover looking decor pieces that I love but they are vintage 2015 Target never to be found again. How do I know this… apparently the price tag was still on the bottom! This one I linked was as close as I could find with a similar stand, wood color and height.

Faux Leather Throw Pillows// There is still a debate in our house if these will stay. My husband is of the thought that all pillows should be cozy and comfy to lay your head on. I am of the thought that they should look good. Luckily they were not super expensive and are just a cover if I lose this battle.

Baskets for console table// I linked the coordinating baskets to the “toy” basket but we have 2 more open ones that fit our blankets that we will keep for storage. Let’s just say these might be the most used things in the living room we all love a good snuggly blanket.

What we purchased

Media Table// This was the piece that set off the firestorm, I take that back the HUGE new TV my husband bought at Black Friday several months ago is what set this off. The 75″ TV now kind of dwarfs the stand below it and wanted to get something a little longer to balance the scale… now here we are.

Console Table// I have actually always wanted a better looking and longer console table. Seeing that I claim the wedge part of the sectional, it’s where my drink goes so it’s an important piece. This one will be longer than our current table and a warmer tone wood.

New Artwork// I loved the colors in this and needed something larger since it’s a very high ceiling above our fireplace.

What we are still deciding on

Pottery Barn Couch vs. Radley Couch // we realized that we are needing a 113″ couch and so the ones with the lounge are just not going to work. I’ve been going back and forth on PB vs. Macy’s and might go ahead and grab the Radley Couch and if I hate it then we will take it upstairs to replace like a 20 year old beat down kids room couch!

Coffee Table Tray // I love the look of bringing in some more texture with this basket but I’m waiting to see how soft of a coffee table I get bc I sure don’t want scratches on my new stuff!

Coffee Table Vase & Greenery // These will for sure be a last decision item and shoot by the time that it all pulls together I might be putting Thanksgiving decor up!

Coffee Table// While I’m pretty sure I will go with the coordinating coffee table I wanted to wait until we get the other pieces in to see if the space needs some additional texture or if they are far enough apart to stick with the same family of pieces.

Throw Pillows // Honestly these probably just need to be ordered BUT I want to see the artwork in person to check out exact colors and tones but either way to ensure my husband has his “soft pillow” these are going on the list

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  1. 4.7.21
    Laurie said:

    I absolutely love everything about the photo you posted. Everything.
    (That NEVER happens when I look people’s room designs.) It looks beautiful and comfortable, and looks like people could actually LIVE there and it’s not just for show. FWIW, I vote for the coordinating coffee table. The visual weight of the table is more in keeping with the room. I think a giant drum table will weigh the room down (and also you said you like classic pieces, and that table is very trendy.). Get the table tray too. I put some felt discs on the bottom of mine, or double-stick tape a full piece of felt.

    • 4.7.21
      Ryanne Janca said:

      oh that’s a great idea on the felt! Yes we are very much a live in our rooms type of family and want something pretty but mostly comfortable.

  2. 4.7.21
    Danielle Clark said:

    Hi! I love your blog and those are some really cool items. I hope you will share the final look when it’s all done. FYI – we bought the Radley sectional from Macy’s in November and we love it. I have twin 20 year olds who have done college from home for a year and three dogs. It has held up really well!

    Can’t wait to see your final room!