Summer Favorites under $30

It’s SUMMER! Not sure where you are living but here in TX it’s been over 80 for every day for a few weeks not so it REALLY feels like summer. My daughter is out of school and my son has cut back to less days of preschool so we can have more family adventures. Since wrangling two kids can be a beast I like to have bags ready to go. I have a “pool” bag, “swim lesson” bag and a bag of kid emergency items.

This got me thinking about what are some of my SUMMER FAVORITES? So I rounded up my favorite inexpensive items that I grab constantly throughout the summer. I tried to make them less clothing but more “all the other stuff”. I hope you love some of these as well or at least give them a try!

Havaianas ‘Slim’ Flip Flop $26– As much as I love my TB Miller sandals when it comes to heading to the pool, beach or backyard I’m grabbing my comfy hose off neutral flip flops.

Pom Pom Beach coverup $17.99– I have this coral pink coverup from Amazon and although I have several others that are more expensive this one is my FAVORITE! It’s lightweight covers the booty and doesn’t cling to me even when I’m wet. Since this is off Amazon the prices do fluctuate and different colors will be different prices but I’ve never seen it go over $20.

Pixi Hello Makeup Pallet $24– Now I will admit I have not tried this set, I’m adding it though because I LOVE a very similar one they did last year from Pixi. These are small enough for travel or keep in your car but have so many options in the pallet from blush, light shadows, highlighter and dark eyeliner shades its an all in one for under $25.

Cotz Face Natural Skin Tone SPF 40 $19– I have a TON of sunscreens I love but honestly when during the summer when I want to wear nothing else I grab this one because it’s a mineral sunscreen for the face but has the magnifying consistency of a primer. Since it’s also tinted it’s like I’m wearing makeup but it’s just sunscreen.

OPI Nail Color in Cajun Shrimp $10.50– If you saw my pictures from the Gibson release this is the summer nail color I’m wearing. It goes with a ton of skin tones and it’s the perfect orange/ red.

Contigo Autoclose Shake-n-go Water Bottle $14.99– When I was looking around at what I use the most over the summer I realized these bottles are my go-to. This has a lid that screws on tight and then the area for the straw snaps closed perfect for drinks you need to shake (spark, deep eddy & water, etc) then push the straw in and you are ready to go.

ALBA Clear SPF 50 Spray Sunscreen $11.25– I love my Beauty Counter sunsticks but when I stocking up on spray sunscreen that I can get on the kids even when they are wet (and wiggly) it’s this one. I like the higher SPF for the kids, reef safe, no bad stuff and good for 80 min.

Mesh Beach Bag $7.99– This is my favorite pool/ beach bag because it holds so much has 2 outer pockets for drinks and now it’s coming in hot pink!!

Wet Brush Flex Dry 3 pack $15.28– We have a ton of Wet brushes but this version with the wider teeth and flexible back are the easiest to get through my thick wet hair after the pool.

PRIVÉ REVAUX “The Cali” Polarized Aviator Sunglasses $29.95– These have been on constant rotation since I scratched the heck out of my last Tory Burch pair and swore I would never pay over $50 for sunglasses again. I had no idea I could find decent polarized aviators for that price but I did!

Skeeter Screen Spreadable Insect Deterrent– We started with the patio eggs from this same company and really enjoyed the natural oil pest deterrent but needed something that would cover more area. These small spreadable pellets are safe for animals and kids, I put them around our patio and sandbox and had almost no bug bites last year!

I Mom So Hard Book– I feel like everyone needs a good summer book that you can’t put down. This one that will make you laugh and as a mom say “yup, been there” has been my favorite so far this summer.

TIGI Totally Beachin’ After Sun Shampoo & Conditioner (currently $9.99 each and free mini free gift with $25 purchase)- Last year when I was telling my hairdresser that my daughter was DESTROYING her hair swimming in a pool nearly everyday she recommended this shampoo and conditioner and they made a big difference on the softness of her hair. Unlike some clarifying shampoos that seem to just strip your hair this one is color safe and has aloe vera, UV complex and vitamin E.


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  1. 6.11.19
    Chrissi said:

    I just found your blog, and I’m so happy that you did! Your posts have THE BEST recommendations, and I love how you include whether you recommend sizing up or down in a particular piece. My kids are 9, 6, and 2, and I love the posts you do regarding your kids, since I’m always on the lookout for a great new book, activity, or gift.

    I’m a super new blogger, and I love to find other women with great content and such a friendly and positive vibe! Keep on posting!