Take me out to the ball game

Headed to the ballpark then grab this cute stripe ruffle sleeve jersey dress that is soft and comfy all the way to the 9th inning.


Fit Tips: Dress tts, Medium // Jacket tts, Large // Shoes tts

It’s that time of year when the weather warms up and all the joys of summer start to heat up as well, including BASEBALL! When I was growing up I lived in the Bay Area and had a chance to see the Giants play at Candlestick Park several times. I also lived there during the big earthquake of 1989 during the World Series and had friends that were at the game that day. So although I hardly ever get a chance to go to the Rangers games I still adore baseball and can’t wait until my son is old enough to play. Today I want to chat about fun baseball outfits and what to bring whether it is a kids game or pro.

black and white stripe dress with ruffle sleeve details is perfect for a day at the stadium.

This ruffle tank dress has been my go-to this spring, the fabric is so soft and it has a great a-line that is not too clingy to the body but just enough to show my curves. This was an immediate sell-out when it was first released in January but lucky us Gibson just re-released it with new colors which means I got to pick up the Santorini Blue one perfect for summer.

Summer outfit with light denim jacket, tassel necklace and stripe jersey dress. Perfect casual mom attire!


In Texas it’s hot, like really hot even in April so I always think about layers. If it’s an evening game or maybe headed to the fields early in the morning a light denim jacket is always my go-to because when it starts to heat up it still looks cute around your waist. This KUT from the KLOTH jacket it stretchy and is more cropped so it looks adorable with dresses or a tee and shorts.

Great day at the fields look, super soft jersey blue dress with white denim jacket, native shoes and baseball tote bag.


Fit Tips: Dress tts, Medium // Jacket tts, Medium // Shoes tts

Since I grabbed this blue dress I felt like I needed a white denim jacket for this outfit and I went on a hunt. I tried the one from Old Navy but it is a little more boxy and has less stretch. I fell in love with the Evereve KUT from the Kloth raw hem (size up, would wear L) one but they did not have my size. Finally I found this one from LOFT that has good stretch, is more fitted and crop length.

Perfect baseball mom attire- denim shorts, cute ruffle tank, hat and a big baseball tote bag.


Fit Tips: Tank tts, medium // Shorts size up, 12

A friend of mine has twin boys that have been playing baseball for years and she spends much of her weekends (and weekdays) at the fields. She has had this style mom baseball bag for years and said that it has really held up. The best part is it holds A TON.

Now I understand that not everyone is a dress person so lucky you they made that same style ruffle tank in a tee as well. It was one of my most worn tops last year and when it released last week it’s been flying off the shelf! If your size is sold out, don’t fret rumor is new colors and restocks will be coming over the next few weeks.

kicking back and relaxing with my favorite summer sneakers shoreline converse!


Fit Tips: Shoreline style runs tts

The final piece to this easy game day outfit are the shoes! I’m all about comfort when I know that I’m going to be doing a ton of walking and that is when I pull out my converse shoreline. These are a bit different style than the original since they have lower sides and slip on elastic back. When I first tried them on I thought I would not like the back being stretchy but boy was I wrong! I wore my white ones so much that I had to get more, luckily they come in a ton of colors so you can match your favorite team!

Ok let’s briefly address these legs you see, we are in early spring which means I have not seen a ton of sun so far and I don’t do tanning beds (I mean since college) so I’m pretty pale. I’m really conscious as I’ve gotten older of really ensuring that I’m wearing sunscreen so I wanted to show you my go-tos for an easy game day protection.


First I really like the Cotz tinted Face SPF 40 better than anything when I know I’m going to be hot and sweaty because not only does it have a good color but it also has a matte affect almost like a makeup primer. Last summer many days I would wear just this and a little mascara. Now for the body I like an easy clear spray and the Alba SPF 50 is one that is affordable and still has none of the bad stuff! There are a few places where you are not able to bring metal containers or have spray sunscreen so for those situations my go-to is the Beauty Counter stick. This is also my must have for kids because when you swipe it on it’s minimal rubbing in so less fussing! In Texas there are some evening games when the mosquitos come out to play so I always throw in my bag a few of these non toxic, deet free peppermint oil infused wipes.


Fit Tips: Shorts run tts, large

Along with the mosquitos we have some major heat in Texas so I’m giving you a peek at my secret weapon to wear these jersey dresses… super lightweight smoothing Spanx Thinstincts Mid-Thigh Short. We had a big discussion on the Facebook page on what everyone wears when you need some thigh protection and so I also recently tried out the Jockey Skimmies. For me I didn’t love them as much as my thinstincts because they do not have any belly slimming and the waistband tended to roll.

Now that you have all my favorites for game day head out and enjoy the spring weather and soak up America’s game.


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Professional Photography by Randi Michelle Photography in Fort Worth, TX

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