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imageWhen I became a mom I found the best hack for balancing work, life and family. Do not expect that you will know everything, find people that are really good at their “thing” then ask them for help! When my daughter started getting older I quickly realized that I was over my head when it came to teaching her academics. Keep in mind we had tons of books and she went to a good school but I didn’t understand how to explain to her some of the concepts that she was working on. Let’s be real here I have my strengths but I never grew up with kids (shoot I didn’t even babysit) and was a marketing major so teaching was just a bit out of my comfort zone.

IMG_1167This is when I reached out to my cousin, who is an amazing former teacher, home schooler and has a little girl six months older than mine. She pointed me in the direction of The Moffat Girls on the website Teachers Pay Teachers. If you have never heard of this website join the club, but it is where teachers that develop curriculum can get paid by selling the pdfs to you! Basically it’s my entire idea of don’t do it yourself, find someone else who has done it better… then ask them!


We started first  with some of the NO PREP packets, which are divided by age and season. Each packet has a ton of pages (typically over 50) that have activities that cover math and literacy that kids love. You are buying the PDF so I’ve just printed them at home until recently I had one packet printed and bound at Kinkos which was super easy because you can just do it all online and then pickup! Every packet that we have purchased has simple directions, engaging curriculum and they are just plain cute.


IMG_1166One of the other reasons I continue to follow and purchase from The Moffat Girls is she keeps building her product line. If you are looking for just a summer review, seasonal packets or you want to dip into more intense curriculum she has it! I would say that most of her material is based around Pre-K to 3rd grade but that’s our sweet spot so it’s perfect for us. When my best friend’s son was having some difficulty in a 7th grade subject I directed her to this website to find some resources that would help explain it better so know that you can just search subjects and find a wealth of information.

When my hubby and I went on an anniversary trip little girl was home with her Grammy and missed Space Week at school. I quickly jumped on TPT and found the coolest Space System unit for Kindergarten and 1st grade that even had fun links to YouTube videos. It put my mind at ease that she was keeping pace with her class and even came back to class rattling off the planets like a champ (sorry the pic is so dark we left really early in the morning!) It didn’t hurt to have her AG doll Grace dressed up as an astronaut to get her excited as well!  IMG_5577.jpg

I wanted to share this with you TODAY because Teachers Pay Teachers is having a Back to School sale and all Moffat Girls products are 20% off plus use coupon code BTSBONUS18 to save extra 5%! Please be aware none of this content is sponsored or has commissioned links, I truly just love these resources and want you to know about them too!

Hugs, Ry


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