The Best Denim Shorts for Thick Thighs

The Best Denim Shorts for Thick Thighs #springstyle #denimshorts #denim #kutfromthekloth #target #caslon

It’s getting warmer so it’s time to break out those shorts! If you’re anything like me, you know it can be a struggle to find a great pair of denim shorts. Sure, some might look great on the size 2 model but when slipping them over my size 12 thighs or zipping them over my mama pooch they don’t quite look or feel the same as in the picture.

I’m also all about shorts that are not too short because… well thigh rub is real.

In my experience, the best denim shorts are high enough rise so I’m not pulling a muffin top, long enough that wearing them doesn’t cause leg friction and stretchy, but they don’t get a saggy behind by the end of the day.

Of course, every woman has their own preference, and it’s all about finding the best denim shorts for your body type. I am a solid size 12 with a H rear, this makes a HUGE difference to know you body shape when selecting pants and shorts. If you want know your rear end shape/ letter head to this post.

Below, I’ve rounded up the best of what’s available this season for a GREAT pair of denim shorts. I always get questions, can I see the back?! Since it’s so hard to take backside pictures I created this reel where you can see me walk in the shorts an TURN AROUND.

Below I have given you all the shorts in the video with sizing AND I took measurements off MY shorts to what is listed online because in many cases it was incorrect. These are listed in order of my favorite to least.

1. KUT from the Kloth Gidget High Rise Short in Fray

KUT from the Kloth Gidget High Rise Short in Fray #springstyle #denimshorts #denim #kutfromthekloth

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Size 12 | Inseam: 4″ | Rise 11.5″

For the past year these have been my ride or die shorts. They have that perfect blend of higher rise, not too tight in the waistband, long enough inseam and they loosen as I wear but even going several wears without a wash they don’t get baggy. Now the downside, they are close to sold out and KUT has not released another “high rise” version to their Gidget yet this season. Trust me though I’m on the lookout! True to size, on Amazon they list these with the inseam so size 12 = 12 4


EVEREVE EVER Shorts #springstyle #denimshorts #denim #evereve

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Size 31 | Inseam: 4″ | Rise: 11″

This new style of Evereve branded shorts is probably the closest match I have found to my loved KUT style. They are slightly more wide in the leg and run a bit larger. I originally tried the size 30 which fit but they were too tight in the waist for my liking so I stuck to my regular 31 (12). Size down if in-between

3. J.Crew White Denim Short

J. Crew White Denim Shorts #springstyle #denimshorts #denim #jcrew #whitedenim

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Size 31 | Inseam: 4″ | Rise: 10.5″

Now I know finding a white short that is not sheer can be soo hard! These J.Crew white denim shorts have been a favorite of mine for years. These feel a bit lower rise than my others at a 10.5″ but are not “low rise” at all. Online these show that they are cuffed but I unroll to get the full 4″ inseam length. Fit true to size

4. Target Universal Thread Midi Short in Medium Wash

Target Universal Threads Midi Short in Medium Wash #springstyle #denimshorts #denim #target

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Size 14 | Inseam: 3.5″ | Rise: 11.5″

These are my #1 affordable short pick. These are in the medium color and have some heavy distressing on the front. They are super stretchy but don’t get baggy in the rear while wearing. My one drawback to these shorts is the inseam. I size up so I can wear them slightly lower and get all the length I can but these are a 3.5″ which is borderline on my short comfort level. Size up these run small

5. Caslon Boyfriend Short

Caslon Boyfriend Short #springstyle #denimshorts #denim #caslon

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Size 12 | Inseam: 5″ | Rise: 10.5″

This is another pair of shorts I have loved for years. The darker wash and longer 5″ inseam makes them a go-to for many outfits. The drawback is these can stretch out a bit while wearing so many people suggest sizing down, I prefer to just wash more frequently and keep the waistband comfortable. Also since this has a stitched cuff that is double rolled getting it to lay flat after washing can be a pain. I pull mine out wet lay the roll flat and dry flat, this has seemed to help. Size down if in-between

6. Liverpool Vickie Frayed Denim Shorts

Liverpool Vickie Frayed Denim Shorts #springstyle #denimshorts #denim #liverpool

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Size 12 | Inseam: 5″ | Rise 11″

These shorts are new to me this season and I had high hopes with the 11″ rise and 5″ inseam. While they feel good when I first put them on there is something about the waistband that doesn’t give in the ways that my others do that after about an hour wearing these I don’t love them. It’s possible that sizing up or wearing longer will help but in this current pair they dropped on the list because of that. If you have a smaller waist and have issues with shorts gapping these could be a GREAT option for you. True to size

7. KUT from the Kloth Gidget Fray Shorts in Ageratum

KUT from the Kloth Gidget Fray Shorts in Ageratum #springstyle #denimshorts #denim #kutfromthekloth

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Size 12 | Inseam 3.75″ | Rise 10.5″

This is the OG Gidget style that I’ve owned in several washes. This Ageratum is a darker wash that I hadn’t owned so I picked them up this year. While I love the fit in the waist, legs and rear it’s the 1 inch rise difference between these and the high rise that just feels off to me now. They sit almost in the center of my thickest part versus slightly above. While I’ll still rock these just not at the top of my list. True to size

8. KUT from the Kloth Catherine Shorts

 KUT from the Kloth Catherine Shorts #springstyle #denimshorts #denim #kutfromthekloth

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Size 12 | Inseam 7″ | Rise: 10″

I’m not a huge fan of a long inseam short but let’s be real there are times when it’s needed! These are even lower rise than the Gidget but with a 7″ inseam. They have a touch of stretch but again more than loosening as you wear like the other KUT styles. These have a 1 roll cuff so they don’t get as wonky as the Caslon when washing. True to size

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