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It’s about to be summer break so for a lot of families that also means summer trips. Our family takes an early trip each year to New Orleans where my in-laws have a condo. This will be our 3rd year going but this time around my husband will be at a work conference so he is unable to fly with me and the kids.

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Since this is the first time that I have flown alone with the kids I reached out to other moms and asked them what their must haves were for traveling alone and you all overwhelmed me with your great advice.

Pretty much snacks and iPads were high on everyone’s list especially when you are past the baby stage and I would agree! The best snack tip that I heard was to give the kids chewy snacks like Starbursts, Twitter bites or fruit snacks upon take off and landing to help pop their ears instead of gum (because come on you know that would end up in someone’s hair).

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When it comes to the iPads my kids are 4 & 7 so although they enjoy having a movie or a show to watch they will start to get bored so we have found some great apps that don’t need Wifi.

Since I feel like I have the iPad entertainment covered I have to pack not only the iPads but of course the charging cords and headphones. I HATE digging through a bag, crushing all the snacks while someone is pitching a fit because the iPad is about to die.

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Luckily my friends at Lily Jade are making my travel with kids so much easier with their packing cases. For our trip I was able to put snacks, cords/ chargers and an “emergency kit” in our cases. These come in a set of 3 that attach to one another if you want, are clear in the front so if you need to pack them with travel liquids you can easily pull it out for TSA. We did TSA Precheck awhile back so luckily I get to skip this step now, huge time saver if you are traveling with kids.

Now navigating the airport can be a struggle with two kids, especially a 4 year old boy that just wants to run and wander so having my Lily Jade bag was a lifesaver while navigating the airport. Lily Jade designs their bags with moms in mind, since each diaper bag has the ability for the straps to be used in the backpack carry or attach to do a cross body.

In just one trip I changed the straps several times I’m so happy they tuck in the leather which means you don’t have a painted edge that will wear and crack over time (which has totally happened to me on other high end bags!)

Also Lily Jade bags have reinforced stitching at critical points so I know that although these bags are an investment they will last from baby years to those days when my kids can actually carry their own bags through the airport!

One detail I wanted to mention that I don’t have on my bag right now is the gorgeous double sided leather tassel. I realized that my daughter took it off because she loved the jade colored natural aventurine stone and had attached it to one of her bags! Go figure, the girl has great taste.

Our trip to New Orleans was fantastic and I love that we get to create new memories each year but also go back to some of our favorite places. This time is so precious to us since we don’t take a ton of trips but now that the kids are getting a little older it’s getting a bit easier. I hope you get a chance to travel with your kids this spring and summer and explore someplace new.

Some products in this post were gifted by Lily Jade and huge thanks to them for making our travels easier. I only work with brands and share products that I love and that add value to my busy mom life. All opinions are my own.



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