IMG_7100Thank you so much for visiting my new page! Over the past few months I have been spending a lot of time trying to figure out what my next step is, what makes me happy, what would I do if no one paid me.. I finally landed on it, shop!

Most of the time though it’s really just finding new and cool items for me, the kids and our home at the best price I can find. The Super Bowl of shopping (Amazon Prime Day and Nordstrom Anniversary Sale) is coming up so I figured if there is ever a time to get my act together and just put it all out there this is it.

In case you stumbled upon this page and don’t know me well “Hi friend!” as the name entails I am a mom of a six year old girl and three year old boy. I have spent much of my adult life (about a decade and a half) working as a corporate recruiter hiring entry level sales people. This experience as a working mom, former retail manager, lover of cool stuff, passionate organizer and bargain shopper has for years put me on the hunt for the coolest stuff. I have now transitioned to a season in my life where I am not working a full-time office job so I have a bit more time to search and share with you the ideas and stuff I love. Thanks for stopping by and hope you find something you love.

Hugs, Ry

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