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It’s that time of year when we head to the beach for a week of summer fun! Now I know that not everyone is taking a beach vacation this summer so if you are looking for cruise essentials or what to pack for Disney or just maybe a need a checklist for your toiletry bag head to my packing tip section for more!

Swimsuit (tts, 12) | Hat

We have been going to Galveston, TX as a family since before the kids were born. If you have been around for a bit you know the water is brown, the sand is brown, the weather is HOT but it is my happy place!! After years and years of practice I think I FINALLY have a pretty comprehensive list of what’s needed for the beach.

Before we get into toys and equipment the #1 item (after a swimsuit because YES there was one year I forgot Miss A’s swimsuits) is sun protection. As a kid I’ve had my fair share of BAD sunburns and I do everything I can to keep the family from that skin damage. With that said I have tried just about everything and here are our favorites that get packed first.


Now one item that’s not listed is the Supergroup Glow Body. I love the glistening nature of the Sun Bum Tanning Oil in SPF 15 but was looking for something with a higher SPF and I am LOVING how this one feels but with a higher SPF.


Now on to the GEAR! I’ve gone back and forth on this list and there are items that I might change come next year but for now these are coming with us for 2022, but already one item has changed. I got this pop up tent and while I’m sure it’s great for most I seriously could not figure it out! So I also added some finds from Amazon with another tent I’ll be bringing with us to try to see if it withstands the winds of Galveston beaches.

Yummie Swimsuit | Jane Shorts | Bogg Bag | Quay Sunglasses

Fit Tips: Swimsuit tts, 12 // Shorts tts, 12 but have a short inseam

Since I know so many of you are huge Amazon lovers I found some more beach options for my Prime lovers!

Striped Towel | Clips | Mesh Bag | Tent | Hat | Sarong | Quay Sunglasses | Swimsuit | Flip Flops | Chair | Wet Bags


Last but not least the REAL essential for me is my Kindle Oasis since I actually try and disconnect this week and READ! When I try and do this on my iPad my mind wanders so I love having a reading only device. Not to mention my Kindle is waterproof so taking it onto the beach is no big deal.

Kindle Oasis | Cover

Before I left I loaded it up with new summer reads and you can see my top picks for summer reads HERE!

I hope these lists help you get ready for your summer vacation and when I return I’ll give you the full scoop on where we went and what I wore! Happy Summer Vacation!!

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  1. 6.20.22
    Wendi said:

    Love the straw hat and alway love me some sun bum. The smell screams summer vacation to me.