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Cheers to you my friend we made it! It’s the last day of the week before Christmas and I can finally sit back and start to take it all in. Starting tomorrow we will  have family come in town to visit for Christmas and my home will be filled with that anticipation and joy of the final countdown to the big day. I am lucky because I have a wonderful mother in law that helps with cooking, cleaning and kids… I mean honestly the best Christmas present ever so I get to start to relax and have a few moments for myself.


Sequin Flutter Sleeve Top // Similar Black Jeans // Bow Pumps // Glitter Sparkling Wine

As soon as Christmas Day comes and goes I go into clean up mode. I don’t know what it is but I’m like ok, we are done here.. moving on. So I wanted to share with you this outfit for New Years because ladies it’s coming fast. Quick story though, many people don’t know this but I don’t really love New Years, we typically don’t go out and I don’t like to stay up late. I think it all stems from my mom, see her birthday is New Years Day. When I was a kid she demanded that everyone pay attention to her and since basically nothing is open on New Years Day that meant that we spent the day doing things that she loved. One year that was walking through a garden in Northern California while it was raining and about 50 degrees. So I knew that if I stayed up late and partied like it was 1999 the night before what ever my mom had planned would be even more hellish to do. So I kind of stopped going all out for New Years Eve.


Now that I’m older and have my own kids we have a kind of faux New Years. We have sparklers, champagne (for the adults) and a count down but we do it all around 7pm! If you search New Year countdown on YouTube there are a ton you can use to do your own celebrating. I love that it allows my kids to get into the celebration but then we still keep them on their schedule and everyone (including mama) gets some sleep. Now even if you are doing an at home faux New Years it’s still fun to dress up in something sparkly.


I love this top from the Gibson X Glam collection because although it has the sparkle on the front the back is a soft jersey material. I like the flutter sleeve because they are easy to move in and add a bit of sass. I will mention I also ordered the sleeveless version and 3/4 sleeve version and both have full sequins (all the way around) versus this one just has it on the front. I felt this fit true to size and I’m in a medium but size up if you like a looser look or are in-between sizes.


Sequin Top // Stretch Corduroy Skinny Pants // Bow Pumps

Now I have worn this outfit with my trusty Wit & Wisdom Ab-solution Ankle jeans which have an interior stretch waistband which is very nice after a few weeks of eating everything but the ankle style has since sold out but they do have the regular length which is about 2 inches longer, I wear a 10 petite so they will hit my right below my ankle with the 28″ inseam. Now the pants above are the KUT from the Kloth Stretch Corduroy Skinny Pants that feel just like velvet. At this point I’ve tried on at least 4 styles of velvet jeans and I keep coming back to these for the stretch, mid rise and booty lifting ability! I also get these in a petite so they hit the right length (27.5″ inseam) and if you are in-between sizes then size down, I’m in a 10P.


If you are checking out this fun sparkly champagne bottle and thinking I need that for my New Year’s Eve party you can get it online in several varieties and even in mini bottles. I love the One Hope mission that even while enjoying wine the company is giving back, which come on is always a great way to start the New Year! If you don’t have a rep you order through yet put in Ashlyn Gibbens she is my wonderful friend here in Fort Worth.


So have a glass my friends the craziness is winding down and it’s time for us to relax and enjoy these last days of 2018.

If you are gearing up for New Year’s check out my Amazon list for all your party must haves!

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