Toy Organization After Christmas

So much of me wanted to do an entire post on fashion and deals but I literally can’t my house is a wreck, there are toys everywhere and all I can think is when can I get to The Container Store by myself?! I understand not everyone is like me and some of you are EXACTLY like me and then I’m guessing there is a big group in the middle. So instead of posting outfits and fashion right now I wanted to show you a few of my home organization hacks that will be serving me for the new few weeks as I get our house back in order!


First let’s talk about all the doll stuff!! If you have girls you know what I am talking about, Barbie, AG dolls, LOL, Hatchimals it’s out of control. Although I have a few solutions to sort and organize. First since we have the most of AG stuff we used these under the bed bins with wheels to hide away most of her outfits and accessories. To make sure that we were able to keep outfits together (because lets be real this stuff is an investment and some day I want to be able to resell it and get some of my investment back!) we use half size mesh bags with a zipper that easily holds one outfit. These I grabbed on Amazon for $10 for 6 so even for Barbie accessories, doll clothes or really anything you want to keep as a set these are a great option.


For the smaller items like mini Hatchimals and LOL Dolls this stacking organizer my daughter got for Christmas and it’s a lifesaver! d8a21627e1e07ea2fec0499cd283fb56_best.jpg

Here are the items I used for doll organization: 

Now short version of my Lego story is last Thanksgiving my in-laws brought 2 cardboard boxes of mixed and random Legos from husband’s childhood. Needless to say my OCD went insane and I searched every single option to organize them as fast as possible. I grabbed this tower at Toys R Us (back when they were open) and I’ve searched for this exact one but unfortunately it no longer exists BUT I found a REALLY close one. The difference is it’s wayyy cheaper and the top two drawers are also closed latched vs open with divided trays. I found you the solution though, add an inexpensive divided tray and you now have a tower of organized lego pieces and no longer have to dig through cardboard boxes to find the single row, 6 long, grey piece…if you know what I’m talking about you need this.

Here are all the items I used for Lego organization: 


This Christmas the kids got several new toys that I had to figure out where the “new home” was going to be. In our playroom we have the PBK Carolina Grow with you table and just raised it and added the Carolina chairs


so we could use it for crafts, trains and now our favorite marble set. With two kiddos I wanted something that they could play with together, was challenging enough for the oldest but not too hard for the youngest and OMG the Hape Quadrilla marble set has been a home run! So I cleaned out Tonka trucks in the carts under our PBK table and it’s the new home for our marble run set. The set is very color specific so when you build each configuration it’s good to be able to quickly see the colored blocks. Also there are several accessories that I wanted to separate so these tall cups worked perfectly.  If you don’t have a pull out drawer like ours I would recommend a clear storage bin that could be stashed in a corner of a closet or playroom. Inside our drawer I used a medium sized white plastic bin and 3 tall smart store cups which could all be used inside a storage bin as well.

Here is our new marble run and the PBK table that we keep all the pieces under ready to play! 


Now for everything else I get these Snapware bins. These are the best and the worst because they fit our bookshelves PERFECTLY but they are sooo hard to find. Most bookshelves are 12″ deep and have about 10-11 inches height so finding a clear bin, with a handle in this dimension is not easy but you can get them on Amazon and right now on sale at Joann Fabrics. We add a chalkboard label so we can switch out items when the kids outgrow items or we move things around.

My favorite bins for everything else: 

I know I’m a day late on posting this for my Thursday in the thick of it, but friends Lordy I’m in the thick of it with cleaning up after Christmas and having kid out of school so stay with me as I try and get you new posts as often as I can. Keep in mind if there is anything you are looking for go to to the home page and search ideas. Also join me on Facebook I’m loading deals that I love daily!
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