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Most of my days are a blur of packing lunches, dropping off kids, picking up the house, doing dishes, washing clothes, working, picking up kids, dinner, more dishes, bath time, story time, bed time and REPEAT! As I have gotten older (and closer to 40) there are not many things that make me feel cool anymore, maybe almost like I have grown out of being able to be cool.

Then my friends at CARIUMA reached out and offered for me to try a pair of their sneakers. When I went to their website I thought OMG these are like COOL sneakers! Instantly I was drawn to the CATIBA style with the low sides and leaf logo.

Then because I am a mom close to her 40s I read that CARIUMA makes their sneakers with high-end materials, a lightweight memory foam insole and a fully stitched midsole… aka while picking up all those darn Legos I’m going to stay comfy!

As I was looking through the CATIBA (with leaf logo) and OCA (without leaf logo) styles my eye was drawn to this pair of limited edition LUKA SABBAT black leather CATIBA. I loved the subtle leaf logo but just a touch of iridescent color unfortunately they are selling out QUICK so below I have a few other pairs I was considering when I grabbed these.

When I look at businesses to partner with I also take a good look at their company and mission. I read that the founders of CARIUMA are former shoe execs (from Brazil) left their corporate jobs to pursue a more inspired path. If you haven’t read my story about leaving corporate American you can do that here.

They have built a business that cares about their craftsmen and ensures that they earn fair wages and experience safe working conditions. The sneakers are handcrafted with premium natural materials, an obsessive eye for detail, and a conscious mind. Check out all their sustainable practices here.

Now that this mom is feeling super cool I’m off to run all the errands, pick up the toys, do the dishes and on and on but you know what… I’m looking pretty cool now doing it!



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