Gift Guide // Kids Stocking Stuffers 3-7

Kid Stocking Stuffers // Kid gifts // Stocking stuffers for kids

Lunch Lines – My daughter just started first grade so for the first time she is bringing her lunch. This is also the age when a knock knock joke is like gold so I loved this small booklet of notes that I can slip into her lunch bag. *updated version linked

Lush Rainbow Fun– If you can’t tell I love all things Lush but I a few years ago I found this stuff called fun. Fun is like if play doh married soap- it’s moldable  then it can be used as a soap, a shampoo or a bubble bar. All made with high quality natural ingredients you know that it’s safe on the most precious skin in the house.

Faber-Castell Beeswax Crayons– This vibrant set of crayons comes in a swappable travel case. The triangle shape helps little hands grip and also prevents them from rolling off a tray table!

Small soft friend– this is what we call Jellycats in our house.. “soft friends” not to be confused with the hard dinosaurs that sometimes my son wants to sleep with. The small size of these super soft stuffed animals is a perfect for stockings and Easter baskets as well as traveling! Since they are smaller slipping one into a purse or backpack is no big deal. Here is another link for a few more styles

Play Road Tape – This roll of tape has the stickiness of paint tape so it’s easy to pull up even after it’s been on the floor all week (yes this is from personal experience). Kids love laying their track then rolling cars over it. Would go great if you did the hot wheels advent calendar leading up to Christmas like we will be doing. So don’t judge when you come into my home on January 31st and we have track all over!

Kids Hydro Flask $29.95– I know how very VSCO girl but these popular water bottles are great to keep water cold and come in several color combos.

Ooly Chunkies Paint Sticks and Ooly Watercolors– I haven’t bought the Chunkies in a while but I know for sure that the watercolors fit perfect in a PBK kids stocking. Both are great art staples and used for years. Also the glitter paint sticks are a favorite in our house.

Spot It Jr Games– This game that is good for the whole family has you matching items on cards and since it’s many of their favorite characters kids love it. There are a ton of different themes from Dory, Frozen, Sophia the first and even Holiday!

Boogie Board jot 4.5 LCD– My daughter has one of these travel size boogie boards and it’s great for car trips and dinners out. Now that she is getting older we also use it for testing spelling words my son just draws monsters!

My First Bananagrams – This early spelling game is great for a big age range from starting with letter identification to name, then playing the whole game it’s portable and easy to travel with as well.

Hot Wheels – Small metal cars boy do my feet hate them when I step on them but my kids love them. Race them down tracks, keep one in a pocket (and might possibly also go through the washing machine) build a city there are just so many things you can do this anniversary set is a good size to throw in anyone’s stocking!

Five Crowns Jr– This started off as a popular adult game in our family and then when we found the kids edition it was a hit! Good for ages 5+

Color Wonder sets- My kids are obsessed with PJ Masks so this little set that has color wonder paper and a few markers is just the right size for trips.

TOOB Toys– These themed sets of small figures are my son’s favorite things! They get brought into the bath, to the beach, buried in the sand, in pockets to school you name it there is TOOB toy that has been there. Throw a tube in a stocking or empty it out either way you will find a set your little one is going to love!

Jaq Jaq Bird Chalk coloring book – You would have to take this out of the box to stuff into a stocking but it was too good not to add it. This is a bound book that you can use dustless chalk with then wipe it all clean with water we love this!

Dustless Chalk – Grab these to go with your Jaq Jaq Bird book



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