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One of my friends asked on a post “are you ever in just a bun and sweatpants?!” I had to reply YES!!! Listen ladies I spent 15 years in a suit on a daily basis so when I started working from home I thought that’s it I’m never wearing real pants again! Then I realized I had to see other adults at times so I needed a balance in my wardrobe which is what I try to show you but when she made that comment I noticed I hadn’t been showing you some of my favorite athletic and loungewear so here we are!


Gibson Cozy V-Neck Top // Aerie Softest Lace Classic Bralette // Soma Slimming Legging // Womens Allbirds Wool Runners 

Recently I’ve been seeing a MILLION people in bralettes and I though “oh that’s cute, but not for my size” finally it was Jenna Kutcher that I totally admire modeling for Aerie that got me thinking ok maybe they do have some diverse sizes out there and maybe, just maybe something would work for me. Well, hallelujah ladies I found it! The Aerie Softest Lace Classic Bralette comes in Large D  & DD- I ordered the Large D at first (because they didn’t have the DD) and I was so surprised that it fit pretty well, had support but more importantly was REALLY comfortable.


I was also concerned about the seam down the front showing through tops and it can a bit in really thin shirts but for the most part you can’t tell that I’m not wearing a normal bra. Unless I do this fun little off the shoulder thing that all the bloggers are doing (everyone please laugh here). These are also super reasonable at $17.21 I just picked up the olive in a DD to see the fit on that as well. I love this bralette under my Gibson cozy v-neck top, y’all if you don’t own something from the Gibson cozy collection then you have not truly enjoyed lounge wear! Gibson makes this thinner but fleecy material that hangs well but wraps you up like a warm hug. I started getting a few pieces last year when Living in Yellow teamed up with Gibson for her first collection, the joggers seriously broke the internet. She is back for round #2, on Monday LIYxGibson launches the second collection and it’s all about cozy wear. Trust me picking up this v-neck top $49 and the Skye joggers $44 now while they are in stock would be a good idea because once everyone is rushing to the site on Monday those suckers won’t last!


A few other reasons I wanted to show you this outfit is my go-to lounge pants. These are not for working out, these are strictly to suck in my gut, make my booty look good and feel super comfy while I pick up 500 dinosaurs off the floor. These are the Soma slimming legging (crop length) they have a high waist but do not roll like a ton of other high waist leggings I have tried. I have them in long, crop and denim.. I said they are my favorite! I sized up in these and wear a large (although the size chart puts that at a 12-14) I don’t love SUPER tight pants so this was right for me. These are on sale right now making them $34.30 down from $49. Paired with my Allbirds wool runners and seriously it’s like wearing pajamas and slippers to Target!

The Allbirds Wool Runners are fantastic for the entire family and now make a few different styles. These are the wool runners and yes my husband and I have matching shoes because they are just that good that I gave them to him last Christmas but then also asked for them also so we are matching now! They have fun limited release colors and even do little kids. With replaceable insoles and machine washable they are great long lasting shoes with a ton of comfort, these are true to size and I’m in my typical 7.


So friends, this is what I normally look like at least 3 days a week.. hanging out in my loungewear. I’ve always tried to find pieces though that are super comfy but if I need to go run an errand in our upscale shopping area people don’t look at me like a crazy person. Happy Friday and stay comfy!

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Hugs, Ry

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