Fall 2020 Workwear Capsule: 11 items for under $250

Long-line Cardigan | Swing Dress in Army Green | split neck popover blouse |pointed toe flat | Lainee Heeled Scrunch Boots | Pull on Knit Jegging in Green | LOFT Rivera pants| Short sleeve plaid woven shirt|Red Linen Blend Duster Cardigan (similar ) | Cole Haan wedge | Round Toe Wedge Pumps| Green Cardigan

This season I have delayed on doing another workwear capsule because well the Rona but I’ve heard that enough of you are headed back to workplaces or teaching and have been waiting to see if I do another capsule. I have been scouring the internet shelves to see which affordable retailer I could gather enough awesome items from to put together a capsule and it just didn’t happen.

For the first time this is going to be a mash up of Old Navy, Target and Amazon (I mean don’t we love them all) to combine 1 dress, 2 tops, 3 sweaters and 3 shoes to make over 12 outfits for fall.

When I put together this capsule I wanted items that could work now in the heat and into cooler morning weather. In Texas our fall is typically still pretty warm so a lighter cardigan is all I tend to wear until about late October so I went with those options versus searching out jackets. 

The final consideration in putting this capsule together was washability! Every clothing item in this capsule can be machine washed, now some items recommend line dry but if you also want to throw in the dryer size up to allow for some shrinkage.


Let’s also talk sizing, I’m 5’5 and typically wear a size M/10 top, I’m a 36DD so I do have to worry about items being tighter across the chest or too low cut. In bottoms I typically wear a 12/ L.

Here is how each item fit:


In the pictures you will notice I am wearing the LOFT Rivera pants in black versus the Old Navy or Target styles I noted. I grabbed these because I had them at home and didn’t want to have to go out and buy something else “similar” just to link it but I have found several options for both that stay in budget. Below is the fit of the Old Navy Mid rise Pixie Pant and you can see the fit of the Target pants in my spring workwear capsule.

Old Navy All New Mid Rise Pixie Pant (tts but ran long, 12)

The other switch in the picture are the Cole Haan Wedge Pumps these have more of a grey color than the style at Target but I think both would look great I just had the Cole Haan available when taking pictures. The only slight issue is that the wedges that I have are a taupe color so not really khaki and not grey but somewhat in the middle so it was hard finding an exact color match.

Cole Haan Wedge Pumps size up 1/2 | Target Round Toe Wedge tts


Now since I made this capsule a little smaller I had basically 3 days of outfits each week to play with, which still allows you to mix in other items but using these 11 core pieces you can get a different look every day for 4 weeks, plus some! I’m also throwing in some accessories so I will link those in each photo. Also note the first green dress pic I was able to throw in the Target wedges so you can see the color matching.


Week 1 | Fall 2020 Business Casual Workwear Capsule on a budget:  11 items for under $250

Target Round Toe Wedge | Similar Multi Strand Necklace


Week 2 | Fall 2020 Business Casual Workwear Capsule on a budget:  11 items for under $250

Leopard Square Buckle Belt


Week 3 | Fall 2020 Business Casual Workwear Capsule on a budget:  11 items for under $250

Kendra Scott Layered Necklace


Week 4 | Fall 2020 Business Casual Workwear Capsule on a budget:  11 items for under $250

Similar Cream Scarf


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  1. 9.9.20
    Sally said:

    I love the wardrobe capsule you pulled together. Can you confirm the color of the Old Navy blouse? Is it the red floral or the terra cotta floral?

    • 9.9.20
      Ryanne Janca said:

      it’s terra cotta floral

  2. 9.9.20
    Adriana Pecina-Rios said:

    Hi!!! Can you comment on the fit of the boots around the calf? I have larger calves and I see they are only available on line for now in my area!

    • 9.9.20
      Ryanne Janca said:

      They are a 15.5 they fit me well even with jeans and I can be borderline on a wide calf

  3. 9.11.20
    Jamie said:

    Thank you! This is great! Just found your blog and I love it!

  4. 10.24.20
    Gretchen said:

    I just found your page and love your style. Thanks for offering options and choosing affordable stores!