Primary Bedroom Reveal

master bedroom refresh // soma silk pj pants // soma jersey cardigan // Stainmaster carpet in fetch

Cardigan | Silk Cami | Silk PJ Pants | Faux Linen Curtains grey ash | Magnolia Mug | Similar Glider Recliner | Similar End Table

Fit tips: Cardigan size down if in-between, M) // Silk Cami size down, M // Silk PJ pants size down, M

I am so excited to finally share with you our primary bedroom refresh! This is a room that we have HATED since we moved into our home six years ago. The former owners painted nearly every bedroom and bathroom very bright colors (think baby blue, orange and lime green) and over the years we have been going room by room and changing decor and paint. Finally it was time for our room.

While we didn’t have a huge budget for a complete overhaul of furniture bedding and all accessories we did want to update the things that would make our home easier to sell if we wanted to do that, paint and carpet!

before and after with Sea Salt paint
before and after

New Carpet: STAINMASTER PetProtect in Fetch Creekbed Pattern 

New Wall Paint: Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

Although we had grown to despise this blue we knew that we wanted a bit of color still in the room. When I asked you about the color Sea Salt from Sherwin Williams the response was OVERWHELMING! So many of you said that you love it and have it in many places in your home. A few of you did mention that the color is very chameleon and can change from blue to green to almost grey based on the lighting in the room.

I decided to order some sticky paint swatches from Samplize to get a good feel for the color prior to painting. We stuck these 12 x 12 squares on all the walls in different times of the say and the bathroom and I was sold.

Once we had an updated color I knew that I wanted to change some of our bedding and art to reflect the new serene feel of the room.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt paint with dark wood bedroom furniture and Pottery Barn bedding

Meandering River Canvas Art Print | Similar Bed | Mackenna Paisley Percale Euro Pillow Covers | Faye Linen Textured Throw Pillow | Triangle Stitch Washed Cotton Shams | Biltmore Flexi Fit Sheet Set (Parchment)

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt paint with dark wood bedroom furniture and Pottery Barn bedding
Gotta get that “chop” pillow look just right
Sherwin Williams Sea Salt paint with dark wood bedroom furniture and Pottery Barn bedding // Soma Burgundy cardigan and blue silk cami

I headed into our local Pottery Barn (yes we are very lucky they are open) to take a look at the bedding displays and get some inspiration. My husband and I can sleep pretty hot so all the beds with massive layers of bedding just doesn’t work for us. Instead we went with new shams and throw pillow and then used a lot of our existing sheets and duvet covers.

We ended up purchasing a 2nd duvet cover and Pick Stitch Quilt just so we can switch out to wash and are LOVING how soft the Tencel is in the duvet cover.

master bedroom refresh // soma silk pj pants // soma jersey cardigan // Stainmaster carpet in fetch // bedding by Pottery Barn

Now I will be 100% honest that we hoped to change some of our bedroom furniture during this update but right in the middle of painting our almost 13 year old dog Bailey got very ill. He was barely able to walk and had stopped eating. For a few days my husband was preparing me to say goodbye.

It took many tests and a ton of medication but my first born fur baby recovered. I look a him in the chair that I brought both my babies home to and just know that I would not trade my decision for anything. Even if we just have a little more time with him I’ll take it over a new bed any day!

Rocker and Glider chair
Master Bedroom Chair and side table

Similar Glider Recliner | Similar End Table | Small Clock

This area changed quite a bit since previously we had a dark leather chair that was really making the entire space even darker. We switched this chair from my son’s room with the leather chair. This glider, swivel recliner was the chair I bought when I was 5 months pregnant with my now 8 year old daughter. I have so many fond memories of rocking both my babies in this chair, singing and nursing them.

I had no idea that when we moved this chair into our bedroom it would quickly become our favorite space. Now my daughter again asks to be rocked in it as we snuggle and recap our day. It’s funny how we didn’t need a new chair we just needed the right one.

Master Bedroom glass top side table with vignette

Alana Luster Glass Table Lamp | Similar Metal Wall Art

Kindle Oasis

Wood looking Clock | Waterproof Kindle | Similar Night stand

Olive Branch with blue glass vase

Blue Glass Vase small | Olive Branches Stems | Similar 8 Drawer Dresser

Magnolia Glass Vase | Fig Stem | Similar Wicker Hamper | Similar Gentleman Chest

Soma Cocoon Cardigan | Soft Jogger |Knit Ribbed V Neck Top

Fit tips: cardigan size down if in-between, S/M // Jogger tts, L // V neck top size down if in-between, M

Now that the room is complete it gives me so much peace being in here! I want to lounge around all day sitting in my chair reading or snuggling with my kids. If it’s the weekend that also means I’m staying in my loungewear ALL DAY (we call them PJ days). Recently Soma released a line called Weekend that is perfect for that soft, comfy all day loungewear. This Labor Day weekend it’s 25% off with code 42286.

The Cocoon cardigan is the only cardigan that I have found that is both soft and not too heavy. It has more of an open weave and I love the pockets. The joggers are true to size and come past my ankles for a full length on my 5’5 frame.

I hope you have loved a sneak into our home, there are still a few more things we want to update (furniture I’m talking to you) but we definitely need to see how the rest of 2020 plays out! Cheers and happy weekend!

Professional Images by Audrie Dollins

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    Hi there – love the window treatments and ordered the curtains today! Can you share the source for your rods and hanging rings?