Father’s Day Gifts | For the Fitness Dad

Air Bike My husband has been asking for a Rouge Air Bike but this one looks identical and for about $100 less so I’m thinking this is the real winner lol!

Kore Shorts These have a super soft boxer brief liner making them great for all day wear or workouts

Sunday Joggers My hubby lives in these and they have a thicker material great for all day wear.

Whoop I have this device that tracks your heart rate, sleep, stress and more. It’s really shown me how sleep (and alcohol) can affect my recovery!

Apple Ultra Watch My husband LOVES his ultra watch that is a bit bigger and more hardy than the typical Apple Watch.

Stanley 30oz These are so popular but I never thought my hubby would want one… I was wrong! After about the 3rd I bought for myself he said where’s mine?!

Shaker Bottle If your man loves a protein shake these bottles are great because the powder doesn’t settle at the bottom and they are much easier to clean

Waterproof clip speaker This is great for on the go workouts or just hang it at the beach!

Cloudswift sneakers These are my hubby’s go to for casual workouts and everyday weekend wear

Bombas running socks We all love Bombas and these have longer front good for runners

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