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Happy October!! Yeah, yeah a few days late I know but it’s time to really celebrate fall right?! Unfortunately it’s still warm in Texas but we have moved into that in-between season where we will get days in the 90s and 70s all in one 5 day forecast (aka Saturday and Monday in DFW). It think just like they call the three months after birth the fourth trimester we should just start calling fall 2nd summer!

In our warmer climate my staple fall item is CARDIGANS. Having a couple good cardigans that can we worn in the cooler mornings then stripped off mid-day is crucial to handling the up and down weather. Today I am rounding up my favorites this fall (or 2nd summer whatever you want to call it).

I tried to keep the rest of my outfit the same so you really got a good sense of each cardigan on it’s own. I also tried to find various retailers and price points so there is a little for everyone but all are under $100!

stripe open front cardigan (tts, M) | cami | jeans | booties | tote | similar sunglasses

This cardigan I saw as a sneak peek during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale when Cassie from Hi Sugarplum had it in a try-on session. I messaged her and said “WHERE IS THAT, I NEED IT”!! She said it was an oops and not coming out until later, then I went to stalking the website. When it finally came out this color sold out quickly but luckily has restocked.

It has a mix of wool and soft yarn so giving that soft feeling but without too much bulk. I would disagree with the website and say that it fits like all my other M Caslon items so I would not size down, it’ a cardigan after all and would like to be able to layer.

old navy rust/ brown cardigan for fall 2019

old navy long-line sweater (tts, M)

This Old Navy sweater was one of the first I bought this season because I fell in love with the burnt ochre color. This cardigan has a more cotton feel with slits on the sides and a slightly shorter length than the rest. Since it has a more cotton feel it’s great for those it’s kinda cold mornings without adding too much warmth.

seagreen soft cardigan for fall 2019

soft brushed sweater (tts, M)

This is the second Old Navy cardigan I got this season and it has a completely different feel (and color choices). It’s hard to tell due to some of my lighting but this is a sea green so in person I feel it looks a bit more green than here. The soft brushed sweater is the snuggly version of the two Old Navy cardigans. It has a thicker, softer feel and 0% cotton. This one I feel is slightly longer than the other one and fits a bit more oversized.

Long duster cardigan in rust with snake print crossbody mini bag

scoop duster sweater (fits slightly oversized, M)

Now I had been on the hunt for a long duster cardigan and when I saw this color of course it was a #addtocart day! When this sweater arrived my daughter was looking in the box with me, immediately pulled it out, snuggled it and then put it on, at that point I was concerned if I was going to get it back. After her few moments of using it as a baby blanket I realized why she so quickly stole it, it’s SOFT!

This has that same snuggly soft feeling as the seas green Old Navy cardigan but in this awesome brown/ rust color for fall. It comes in 4 other colors and just by adding a $1 item I was able to get it delivered with free NEXT DAY shipping, man I’ve gotten spoiled!

perfect fall outfit with madewell color block cardigan, white lace cami and booties from Vince Camuto

madewell kent color block sweater (size down for less oversized feel, S)

The final cardigan is what I would consider my investment cardigan. Last year my friend Mandi got a similar fall colored color block from Madewell and every time she wore it I thought DANG IT I should have bought that!! By then it had sold out and was impossible to get your hands on. This year I wasn’t going to let that happen.

I also purchased this same style cardigan during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale in a size M. It thought it fit fine with a good oversized feel. Then when my husband and I had some time to kill before date night we headed into Madewell because I wanted to see this combo in person and accidentally tried on a small.

I ended up liking the fit of the smaller size since I knew I wasn’t going to layer with anything too bulky. As I tried it on I was going on and on about how much I love the colors but I already had a Madewell cardigan and in his typical fashion my husband said “you know you like it just buy it” fine twist my arm.

Madewell kent color block cardigan fall 2019

I’m still keeping my eye out for some fall weather but until then we might just hit up a pumpkin patch this weekend and pretend that it’s not sweltering out. Hope you have a great weekend and don’t forget to sign up to get emails on Sunday I will have a round up of this weeks posts and all the weekend sales and deals straight in your inbox!

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This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own! Read more about my site, privacy, and disclosure policies here.

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