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It’s What I’m Loving Wednesday and last week when I shared my newest cabinet saving water bottle holders I asked if you wanted to see more of my random finds on Amazon and it was an overwhelming YES!!!

I wanted to share with you things that we have in our home that just makes life easier. These are all items that we own and some we have had for YEARS and use daily or weekly. Some items are newer but as soon as I got it I thought “Where has this been all my life?!”  

Hope you find something that screams #addtocart like the water bottle holder did, it became the #1 item of September which made me feel like I wasn’t the only one dealing with this issue!

simplehuman Kitchen Steel Frame Dish Rack– we use this daily and it has held up amazing over the past two years. It has places for hanging wine glasses and side cups plus a swivel spout

Chef’n StemGem Strawberry Huller– so many of you probably already hive one of these but if you don’t it’s a great timesaver if you do a lot of strawberries just grips into the stem, twist and pop that sucker out in seconds.

Stackable Water Bottle Holder Stand– I still can’t get over how these have changed our daily lives!! No more knocking over bottles to get to the one superhero one my son is looking for, plus they work great on adult blender and swell bottles too!

30 Min. Hourglass Sand Timer– Now you might be thinking, huh a hourglass? Nope this is 30 min, exactly the amount of time I now give my son to have dinner. This way he has a visual cue that he needs to sit and I’m not hounding him every 5 min to “KEEP EATING AND STOP GETTING DISTRACTED” Also great though for homework, projects, etc and situation where you need just 30 min.

Artificial Benn Grass in Pot– I had to add this little plant because it fits perfectly on my tiered tray and it just makes me happy (oh and it came from Amazon!)

Gel Nail Lamp UV LED Dryer– for under the amount it is for one gel manicure I got my own UV light and OMG I love it! Now I can sit at my house and watch Grey’s Anatomy and do. my own nails, saves money and time. Plus quick touchups on a chipped nail is SUPER EASY! I also grabbed this set of cool grey, top coat/ base coat for a perfect fall nail color.

Anker Wireless Dual Charger– My husband and I would seriously fight over iPhone cables ALL THE TIME. I finally got this wireless dual charger and it just sits on our kitchen counter, this way anyone and set their phone to charge and no more fights.

Charging Stand for iPhone, Apple Watch & AirPods– my husband and I both have one of these charging stands by our bedside. It’s the perfect place where everything goes to sleep (and charge) without wires all over.

Storage Organizer Bin for water bottles OR slimline cans– Do you love White Claw, Bai bubbles, Michelob Ultra or any of the other hundreds of drinks that are now coming in the tall slim bottles? This bottle holder is originally designed for water bottles but it fits an entire row of slim bottles on their sides with a row standing.

Collapsible Clothes Drying Rack– This rack we have had for 4 years and it is still in perfect condition even though it’s used EVERY SINGLE WEEK. I love that it folds and fits behind my bedroom door (when I finally put up the laundry). I have linked my exact white one but here are some options that are available on prime ship this one and this one.

PurSteam Elite Garment Steamer– This one is going on 3 years and still use it a few times a week! I HATE ironing although I do have one of the most kick a$$ irons on the market sometimes I need a quick steam and this one does the trick. The travel size is going on my wish list.

Bar Towels– These are my most recent purchase but I buy new bar towels about once a year because they always get stained and gross throughout the year. I got these and dare I say they are fluffier than the one I got from Williams Sonoma plus they arrived SAME DAY!! Not to mention you get 6 for $12 vs $20 for 4 at WS.

AmazonBasics Kids Velvet Clothes Hangers– I love our slim velvet hangers so it’s no surprise that the kids get some too. This pack of 50 for $21.50 is one of the best deals out there.

360 Degree Rotating Adjustable Cosmetic Storage Display Case– Talk about a marriage saver! I used to have my beauty supplies ALL OVER our bathroom counter because I use a lot of different thing to get ready and I don’t have a place to put them all until this genus thing. It holds SO MUCH and turns! I’ve had mine for about a month with no issues at all (I had some people ask about it’s durability)



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    Hi! Do you know if the charging stand will work on phones with cases?