Finding the Best Joggers

Gibson Skye Cozy Fleece Jogger (L)| Gibson Super Soft Long Sleeve Pullover (M)

I think I am about to name 2020 the year of the joggers! So many of us have expanded our loungewear wardrobe but along with that came the elusive “PERFECT JOGGER”.

Any time I get the question…

Which are your favorite joggers?

I typically respond with “Well, for what?” are you talking lounging, cuddling, workout, workwear I have joggers that I like for all different occasions and they all have pros and cons! Instead of doing a “best of joggers” or how to style joggers I’ve decided to do a HUGE round up of nearly every pair of joggers I have and why they are good for different reasons and occasions.

Gibson Super Soft Knit Jogger (L) | Gibson Super Soft Long Sleeve Pullover (M)

Before we get into the roundup let’s talk about sizing! Right now I am a solid size 12, 5’5 and have an H shape rear (more about that and how it impacts the fit on pants in this post). My ideal jogger is mid-rise hitting right around my bellybutton and hitting above my ankle for an athletic look or at my ankle for a full pant look.

I will also do my best to describe fabric and texture because that makes a huge difference on how a jogger feels but can be hard to see in pictures for example:

Left: Skye Jogger (L) has a cozy brushed lightweight fleece feeling

Middle: Gibson Super Soft Knit Jogger (L) has a lighter weight knit feeling with a cozy brushed interior.

Right: Gibson Ponte Knit Jogger (L) has a thicker stretchy ponte material with no brushed interior.

As you can see these all FEEL very different but the pictures it’s hard to tell that. Thats the same as when you are buying online. Many retailers include tall models or weird angles where it’s hard to determine what the pant actually looks like.

For this round up I will be wearing the exact same Target tee (size up, L) and Amazon slip on sneakers (size up 1/2) through the entire post. I did my best to stand the same way in every shot and tuck in the front of the tee to get an idea of rise.


My first category “cozy” describes those types of joggers that are the ones you want to pull on when you are cuddling on the couch. They have some sort of brushed fleece interior or exterior (or both) and soft to the touch. I also included type of jogger that would be considered a traditional “sweatpant”. These can be worn outside the home when dressed appropriately but you will look very casual.

Gibson Skye Cozy Fleece Jogger $44

Fit Tips: True to size, L

I have to start with my first pair of loungewear joggers, the Gibson Skye jogger named after my friend Skye McClain in the very first Gibson X Living In Yellow collaboration. These lightweight fleece joggers were my intro into the world of the Gibson cozy material and let’s just say I LOVE living in it. Although the colors and some prints have been added the higher rise, wide waistband and super cozy material have not changed.

Pros: wide waistband, adjustable tie, soft material that is not too thick for warmer weather climates. 7 colors including the oatmeal animal print new this season. Get them 20% off with code RYANNE20

Cons: These are high waisted, naturally they don’t hit in a place I love but I’ve always rolled the waistband on these and have had no issues which is why I now have 5 colors!

Gibson The Motherchic From A Distance Cozy Pocket Jogger $56

Fit Tips: True to size, L

These are the newest release joggers from Gibsonlook and had been hoping for a pair similar to the Ponte (currently very low stock) and it delivered. These are a thicker sweatshirt material (cozy inside and silky soft sweatshirt on the outside) with a flat front and pockets. I like that these are much more mid-rise than the Skye joggers and sit right at my bellybutton (higher though than the Ponte). These are definitely longer than the ponte, hitting below my ankle.

Pros: Thick and very soft, has some stretch, flat front, mid-rise and fun pink tie dye print. Get them 20% off with code RYANNE20

Cons: A bit longer than I would prefer and since these are thicker I will have to wait til it is a bit colder to wear on rotation.

Old Navy Mid-Rise Tapered-Leg Jogger Pants for Women $30

Fit Tips: True to size, L

My friend Tara first picked up these fun printed joggers from Old Navy and when I saw the camo print I thought so cute, they match my nike sneakers! When I got them in I liked the lightweight sweatshirt material but these definitely are thinner and honestly cheaper feeling than the Gibson X The Motherchic pair. They have a good mid-rise and slim leg hitting right at my ankle.

Pros: Affordable, lots of fun prints, come in a tall and lighter weight for warmer climates.

Cons: These feel like a thinner and cheaper material, not as silky soft as the higher end pairs and they do not come in a petite.

SOMA WKND Soft Jogger $69

Fit Tips: True to size, L

When I first received these super soft sweat pant joggers I was so impressed with the quality. They have a soft fleece interior and silky jersey exterior. The pockets are stitched to the front so they’re not adding any bulk to my hips and it’s slim feel in the legs make them look good in and out of the house. These are a bit longer than I would prefer and hit below my ankle.

Pros: Thicker, high end material, cozy inside and true dark black color. Good pocket placement and slim in hips and thighs as to not add too much bulk.

Cons: Higher priced, a little longer than what I prefer and only come in sizing XS- XXL no tall or petite options.

Daily Ritual Women’s Terry Cotton and Modal Jogger $29.50

Fit Tips: L Black

These Amazon daily ritual joggers look very similar in fit to the Soma joggers but definitely have less cozy fleece lining and not as high end jersey exterior. As I have washed these they have faded just a bit and have not maintained a true black color. Additionally the pocket placement on these adds some bulk to my hips because of the way that the pockets can flare out. Overall though for an affordable black pair of joggers these are a good option.

Pros: Affordable, have a comfortable feel and thick waistband

Cons: These seem to NEVER be in stock! It looks like black is available but most other colors are gone. Does not come in tall or petite options.


My lounge category are basically the lightweight sister to my cozy category. These joggers are typically made with thinner material and are great for warmer weather climates that a thicker “cozy” jogger is just too much for.

Gibson Super Soft Knit Jogger $48

Fit Tips: True to size, L

Once again my friends at Gibsonlook have designed some amazing joggers to add to their collection of cozy loungewear! These are one of the newer styles of joggers and have a lighter weight knit jersey fabric that is both stretchy and soft. Like the Skye joggers these do have a little bit higher rise but are not as high rise as the Skye style. These have a thicker waistband but don’t dig into my belly and hit right below my ankle.

Pros: soft, stretchy jersey material that is very breathable and comfortable. Get them 20% off with code RYANNE20

Cons: These are thinner and can show a bit of panty line and do not come in petite or tall options.

Old Navy Mid-Rise Sweater Knit Jogger $26

Fit Tips: True to size LP for ankle length

The name of these joggers is deceiving because I really would not describe them as a sweater knit. Yes they have more of that knit material but definitely not as thick as a sweater! These are part of the go dry line but as I look through the description I don’t see any other moisture wicking so these went in my lounge category versus athletic.

I ended up trying these in a petite length because I did want a little bit more of a cropped jogger and like the petite hitting above my ankle. These have a very comfortable wide waistband and slim to the hip pocket.

Pros: Affordable, lightweight, come in petite and tall options

Cons: These are not super soft, they are a high blend of polyester and have that feeling to them.

Daily Ritual Women’s Sandwashed Modal Blend Jogger Pant $29.50

Fit Tips: true to size, L Olive and Brick

These Sandwash modal joggers I picked up during the summer and they are that perfect vintage Sandwash feel that you would expect! They are very lightweight and you can almost see through the weave of the fabric when you put your hand up to it but when they’re on your body they’re definitely not see-through. I love the olive and brick colors (I have both of them) and the length of the pant hits right at my ankle.

Pros: light-weight and breathable, affordable, has good ankle placement and comfortable waistband.

Cons: Like other popular Daily Ritual items these seem to never be in stock! They do not come in tall or petite and will wrinkle if you line dry.


My workout category includes joggers that have some sort of moisture wicking material appropriate for a workout. Since I REALLY prefer a legging style for workouts I did not review a TON of these. I also received a few pairs that were so bad that I didn’t include them including these (way too thin and tight).

Athleta Salutation Jogger $89

Fit Tips: size down for more fitted look, I tired the Medium and Large Petite and liked the LP best

My favorite workout leggings are the salutation crops from Athleta so when I found out that they have a jogger style I was all in! These have the same stretchy soft material that I’ve grown to love but with a flat front high waisted band and cuff jogger bottoms. I tried on both a size medium and then also these that are a large petite and preferred the little bit baggy or shorter cut but if you want something more fitted size down.

I was hesitant that these would work throughout an entire work out bending and moving without the band folding over and being a nuisance but it stayed in place and was perfect and comfortable!!

Pros: Super stretchy, moisture wicking, waistband stays in place through waistband and slimming pockets because half mesh. Come in petite, tall and plus sizes and 5 colors in add-on to a camo print. Also SPF50 and can be machine washed and dried.

Cons: price, these are an investment and hardly ever go on sale

Vuori Performance Jogger $84

Fit Tips: True to size, L

These popular cult joggers stirred up some controversy on the Facebook page. They have a high price tag that always made me hesitant to try them but my friend Kelly said over and over again how they were her absolute favorite and basically lived in them. I decided to give them a try and ordered this cerise color as well as a charcoal heather and I’ll be honest I absolutely love them.

While they don’t feel like an athletic jogger they are a thin stretchy knit material that have a moisture wicking in four way stretch built-in. This silky feel comfortable waistband and shorter length has made them my go to joggers for active days.

Pros: moisture wicking, lightweight, soft and stretchy, mid rise comfortable waistband and shorter right above the ankle length.

Cons: price and these are thin, you can see some panty lines because of the fabric and how thin they are.


My workwear category is for those of you who have a casual enough work environment where joggers are appropriate. I excluded any jogger style that did not have a tight ankle since I feel like those are more of a pull-on knit versus a true “jogger”. These are all pants that have fabric and weight that would be appropriate to wear into a school or workplace.

Daily Ritual Women’s Lyocell Tie-Waist Jogger $29

Fit Tips: True to size, L Navy

When I first got these joggers I really liked them but my love wore off after about the first wash. Tencel Lyocell is typically a fabric used in stretchy, comfy jeans to help with stretch and maintain their shape. These after washing them wrinkled heavily and really lost their shape around the ankles and pockets. PLUS most importantly these bled in the wash and ruined several favorite tops of mine so beware!! I think these could be ok if they were dried in the dryer to maybe to reshape but after looking at the reviews other people have had wrinkle and bleeding issues as well.

Pros: affordable, mid-rise

Cons: bled in wash, wrinkle easily, lost shape and baggy in the legs

Athleta Camo Farallon Jogger $108

Fit Tips: size down, 10

Another pair of investment joggers and the camo pair are more expensive than the solid colors. These have the feel of a high-end jegging so little bit like khaki pants, a little bit like a jean and a lot like a jogger! They have a thicker stretchy waistband and slim around the hips and thighs. These are thick enough where they absolutely don’t show any sort of panty line or lumps or bumps in the backside but still lightweight enough where I’m not overheating. I can move so well in these because of the high amount of stretch and even wearing for 2 days in a row they stretched out just a enough to be comfortable but never got a saggy rear.

Pros: stretchy, thicker without being too warm, feel like a real pant, comfortable waistband and SPF50. These come in regular, petite and tall

Cons: These are the most most expensive of all the joggers but on the other hand feel the most like a great pair of leggings so I’m willing to pay for them. Because these are so popular they do sell out in sizes.

Med Couture Touch Women’s Jogger Yoga Pant $33.94

Fit Tips: True to size went with petite for ankle length, LP

Recently I had so many of you ask for scrub pants that you could wear to work that didn’t exactly look medical. I found these on Amazon and they are absolute perfect for the non-medical professional or the medical or professional that wants a cute jogger look. These have one big side pocket pretty much big enough for a small handheld device or phone and a stretchy khaki pants feeling. I did have a lot questions on why to do a scrub pants and that’s because these are safe to be put in the washing machine and dryer in addition these claim to be stain resistant.

Pros: comfortable waistband, good ankle length, 6 functional pockets and machine wash and dry without shrinking or fading. These are available in petite and tall lengths.

Cons: These can ballon out a bit at the jogger cuff and some colors/ sizes can take over a week for shipping.

Grey’s Anatomy Spandex-Stretch 3-Pocket Pant for Women $37.95

Fit Tips: True to size went with petite for ankle length, LP

When I posted the med couture scrub pants I had many medical professionals tell me that I absolutely had to try the BARCO Grey’s Anatomy style. These have a flat front waistband and Grey’s Anatomy elastic waist band in the back. These are slim to the hips and thighs and hit below my ankle which the length is a little bit long for my preference. These have a couple of hidden zip pockets to store whatever you need without them looking to medical. I like the mid-rise and lots of color options.

Pros: mid-rise, stretchy, and good amount of pockets.

Cons: Even the petite length is long at a 29.5″ inseam, also the flat front is nice but it has a bit of a weird placement giving a highlight to my mama pooch. Also looking through inventory most tall sizes are sold out and these took over 2 weeks to ship.


Finding the best Joggers for size 12 curves // Fall 2020

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