Football Season: What to wear to watch your favorite team

Happy Monday!! It almost seems weird talking about football on a Monday except when I worked in a corporate office that is when EVERYONE was talking football. For close to 8 years I shared a wall with my friend and manager Jamie, who is a DIE HARD Cowboys fan and let me tell you Monday was her toughest day of the week during football season, especially when they were losing.

I on the other hand, was born in San Francisco and spent several of my younger years living in the Bay Area during the years of Montana and then Young on the 49ers so I of course am a 9ers fan. We moved to New Mexico when I was in the 7th grade so following their games or even finding other 49er fans was tough so I started to watch their games less and less (although my parents are both HUGE fans still). By the time I was in college my football watching went straight to Saturdays only!

Tank | Jeans | Shoes | Similar Jacket

Fit Tips: Tank size up, L // Jeans size up 12 short for ankle length for 5’5 // Shoes tts

For college I ended up in Texas and when I went to my first Texas Tech football game I understood all the hype of Texas college football. Tailgating, watching games all Saturday and cooking out are some of my greatest college memories. My husband and I met after college and go figure he went to University of Texas at Austin (aka UT Longhorns).

Now at the time Tech and UT did not have major hatred towards each other, (Tech fans reserved that for Texas A&M) but all big Texas schools have a bit of a rivalry when it comes to football. So it was fitting that we ended up getting married on the day that our schools played each other (this was our grooms cake).

Since we had a “house divided” the Tech v. UT game was always fun and special. For 10 years we lived in Austin so it was hard at times to be a Texas Tech fan. After many years of having to hide my red and black I figured it was just best to support the eating and drinking part of college football regardless of the team playing!

In Texas (like many places) when college football season starts up it is still HOT!!! So today I wanted to share with you a couple outfits that get me through the entire football season.


Tee | Sport Skort | Converse | Sunglasses

In August it’s blazing hot so this is the time to pull out the moisture wicking sport skort that looks cute and put together so no one notices that I’m covered in sweat!!

Also I love a lightweight team tee or a fun saying tee like this one that calls out what I also love about college football (while being a responsible adult- no drinking and driving people!) Since we now live in the DFW area there is a lot more diversity in football fans and funny enough none of my friends I spend time with even went to school in Texas. This tee is super soft and has a good length and not too fitted (although I did size up to a L).

Custom Earrings

These earrings were gifted to me by the ladies at Feather Leather Designs because they knew that I love my Red Raiders. Check out their custom earrings that can be made with your school colors, kid’s number and they can even do bulk orders.

Converse (true to size)

Since these days I am running around after kids or standing in a kitchen chatting with friends I want comfy shoes for the weekend. My Shoreline converse tend to be what I grab most of the time during the fall. They are also great because they come in so many colors you can grab your team colors and represent!


Tank | Jeans | Shoes | Similar Jacket

Fit Tips: Tank size up, L // Jeans size up 12 short for ankle length for 5’5 // Shoes tts

This mid-season outfit is typically for October/ early November. In Texas we can still be getting some pretty warm days (we have been in shorts on Halloween more than once) but we can also get some cold spells. This outfit is perfect for that ever changing weather.

The tank I grabbed from Amazon and out of 3 that I ordered was the only one that was soft, stretchy and didn’t smell weird (good ol Amazon)! The saying on it is perfect when you are heading to a football party where you barely even know the teams because I just love the game. If the weather is colder I throw on my utility jacket and I’m good.

My utility jacket is an older Caslon version but I found a few great current options out there!

Utility Jackets:

Caslon® Cinch Waist Linen Blend Utility Jacket (looks most like mine)

Old Navy Canvas Utility Jacket for Women (under $30 right now)

Madewell Passage Jacket

Amazon Essentials Women’s Utility Jacket

SONOMA Goods for Life™ Utility Jacket (lots of color options)

Cotton Hooded Utility Jacket

Let’s have a quick moment with these jeans because you are going to see me in the ALL season!! They are American Eagle jeggings that have some stretch but don’t stretch out PLUS although they are heavily distressed none of the holes are actually open (patches behind them) so I’m not showing off my things to all the neighbors.

I have found in AEO jeans that I need to size up to a 12 yet I love the selection of lengths!! They come in x-short to x-long, although if they are anything like the similar jeans from last year sizes will start to sell out and it takes FOREVER to restock so grab them now while they are 25% off.

Blowfish Marley Snaker (Camo, Other Colors)

My friends over at Sisters that Shop introduced me to these Amazon Blowfish shoes and let’s just say I fell in love!! They fit very similar to a converse (and you might have read my love above for those) but have stretchy laces so easy slip on and off.

There has been a bit of a debate on The Recruiter Mom Facebook page on how these fit. Some say true to size, some say narrow so say size down 1/2. What I’ve gathered is if your foot is regular width stick to your true size, wider foot go up 1/2, more narrow size down 1/2. Now I have these in this camo color but also grabbed the steel grey which actually looks more like a brushed olive color.


Jean Jacket | Tee | Canvas Joggers | Leopard Shoes

Fit Tips: Jacket tts, M // Tee tts, M // Joggers size down if in-between, 10 // shoes tts

Now late season for college football is the end of November (typically Thanksgiving) and that is when a ton of teams will play their “big” rivals. I LOVE this time of the year, I cook Thanksgiving dinner and having football on pretty much the entire day makes me happy. Since there are soo many teams playing I thought ok if you are not a big college football fan what colors can get you through most of the day- GOLD!

It’s funny to actually go through the amount of teams that have gold in their colors but let me tell you it’s a lot. Plus gold feels like fall and Thanksgiving time to me. This Madewell v-neck tee is lightweight enough to wear all day in the kitchen (or over a smoker) cooking it doesn’t cling to my belly and has a good length for a front tuck or just keep untucked. I have this tee in TONS of colors because I truly love them that much so if you want to rep your school check out all the color options.

Now on Thanksgiving I NEED stretchy pants, but because I am also trying to look like an adult and hostess just wearing leggings all day doesn’t cut it like back in real college days. I found you the NEXT BEST THING!!

These Wit & Wisdom Ab-Solution Utility Joggers are made of a stretch-twill that have the Ab-solution technology with inner mesh panels that shape, smooth and lift. Basically stretchy pants disguised as regular pants!!! I love the fall hued Cayenne Pepper color but these also come in a great dusty olive color as well.

As like most of my Ab-Solution pants I sized down in these to a 10 and they are perfect. I was surprised that the length worked as well for my 5’5 height but they did.

Check out that sucking in stretchy panel on the pants!!

This season leopard slip-on shoes are everywhere and for good reason, they are cute and match a ton of fall colors. As I’ve mentioned now a few times on the weekend when I’m in mom mode I need comfortable shoes I can be on my feet all day in. I looked at a couple of less expensive dupes but figured I would go with these mid-priced Jessica Simpson ones and I’m not disappointed. They have a softer lining which I think is helping to prevent blisters since I don’t typically wear socks with this type of shoe.

If you are looking for some other options I’ll link them in here:



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