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Tomorrow launches the newest Gibsonlook x Hi Sugarplum collection and I am beyond excited to once again be invited to help launch these amazing holiday pieces. This collection will be available online exclusively at Gibsonlook, which means affordable price points and incredible customer service! Plus my 20% off discount code RYANNE20 will be eligible for the “Home for the Holidays” release.

Holiday collections like the Hi Sugarplum “Home for the Holidays” (and any other possible upcoming holiday collections) pieces tend to sell out and there is limited restock availability it’s important to get your fit right on the day that you order.

My goal is to help you determine your right size, rather than ordering multiple sizes, which helps cut down on sellouts! Plus, it reduces waste and costs of extra shipping. Today I’m going to walk you though how I determine my sizing for Gibsonlook to help you get it right the first time with your holiday clothing purchases.

First let’s take a look at the Gibsonlook size guide. This can be found under each piece as well as sizing recommendation notes from the influencer launching the collection.

Now friends it’s time to break out that tape measure! Measure across your bust waist and hips. This will give you a base size to go off of and then I have some additional tips. I am typically a size 12 in bottoms and size 10 in tops but based on my measurements I land in the large top category.

So how is it that there are tons of Gibsonlook tops that fit me perfectly yet are a medium? Let’s go to my tips!

Tip #1: Is the top fitted or loose?

In Gibsonlook I wear both a medium and large in tops although my bust measurements put me in the L bucket. Why is that? FLOW and STRETCH!! If the top is fitted I got with a large, if the top is flowy or cozy styles (or there is a size down note) I go with the medium.

For example in Trimmed Flutter Sleeve Knit Tee because it has more flow and some stretch in the knit I wear a medium.

Tip #2: Know your inseam

While Gibsonlook has some of the best joggers they are not all the same cut or inseam so knowing your height and pant length preference is key! This will also help with skirts and dressy pants because it will help determine where it will land on your legs.

All three of these are different joggers in size large from Gibson hitting both my ankles and waistband in different spots.

The first pair of Ponte Knit Joggers has a 26.5″ inseam

Middle pair of Super Soft Knit Joggers has a 27″ inseam

Right pair of Skye Cozy Fleece Joggers has a 27.5″ inseam

Skye Cozy Fleece Joggers (size large)

On my 5’5 frame even a 1/2 inch can make a big difference on fit and feel. This becomes even more important with dress pants especially if you are wearing heels and don’t want to have to hem.

Tip #3: Figure out where the skirt or pant should fit on your waist

For several holiday seasons there have been some amazing skirts and pants each with a slightly different length and fit. This is mostly determined on where they fit on the waist. In previous Hi Sugarplum collections she likes a dress skirt to sit high on her natural waist. In this type of skirt I always have to ensure that I’m sizing to at least a large but if I want it to sit lower than size up to an extra large.

In dress pants I’m typically good with a large because they tend to sit a little lower on the waist and sized accordingly. Last year there was a wide leg dress pant that overall ran big so when that happens BE SURE to check my fit notes at the beginning of all my collection posts.

Tip #4: Look at the fabric

When you are looking through your selections each item will have a different stretch and flow based on the fabric used. Even in all the pieces above they fit different across the chest and rear pretty much based on what was used. Here is a guide based on some of the pieces that I have:

100% polyester – not much stretch unless it’s in a velvet (more fitted across chest or high neck like the high neck bow back top size up to L // looser fitting tops like the Double V neck tank M )

95% polyester/ 5% spandex – little more give but if fitted still beware not a ton of stretch (fitted styles L top)

48% polyester/ 48% rayon/ 4% spandex – super soft and has stretch (M top)

74% rayon/ 21% polyester/ 5% spandex (like the Cozy Cowl Neck) – soft and has stretch (M top)

Cozy Fleece V-Neck Tunic (M) | Skye Fleece Joggers (L)

Now get cozy and ready to shop! I will have a full blog post with sizing recommendations based on the items I received as well as from the Gibsonlook team. Additionally check out my IG stories for a full try-on session.

Photography by Audrie Dollins of Dallas, TX

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