Gibsonlook Ryanne Ruffle Sleeve Dress | The Graduation Dress

It’s here the Gibsonlook Ryanne Ruffle Sleeve Dress! Now if you missed why this signature dress means so much to me here’s the backstory… ⠀⠀⠀

About 5 years ago when my kids started a new school the owner Mandi noticed all the suits and professional clothes that I wore dropping off my babies and said “Oh you like Nordstrom, you should try the Gibson line there.” I bought a yellow bell sleeved blouse and fell in love.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Then 3 years ago after I was forced to leave my 15 year corporate career I went back to Mandi and said “Can I have a part-time job at the school?” She looked at me and said “I believe in you and this blog thing you are doing. I feel like God is calling you to do that.”⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Over the past 3 years every time I had a small victory in my blog, I told Mandi. The first time that I got to work directly with Gibsonlook Mandi was one of the first people I told.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
In a little over a month my son will be graduating Kindergarten and leaving her school. I am overwhelmed with excitement, sadness and joy. This dress, what I’m calling The Graduation Dress (online it’s called the Ryanne Ruffle Sleeve Shift Dress) is for all the mamas out there working hard to fulfill their dreams, raise their kids and do all the things. It’s also for all the friends, family and support system that are cheering them along this tough road of motherhood. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Now that you know the story let’s take a look at the DRESS!

Ryanne Ruffle Sleeve Shift Dress | Air Bloom Earrings | Pink Denim Jacket | Studded Sandals (size up 1/2)| Wrap Bracelet | Chain Cuff Bracelet

The Ryanne Ruffle Sleeve Shift Dress is one of those great styles that can be worn either more fitted (body skimming) or little larger sheath style. In both the medium and large it fit perfect across my chest and without any arm hole (bra showing issues). I am in the large on the left and medium on the right.

Code RYANNE15 will take 15% off your Gibsonlook purchase so don’t forget to add that at checkout!

Ryanne Ruffle Sleeve Shift Dress | Notch Collar Blazer | Leopard Hazel Pump | Necklace

I wanted to first style it as a ode to my former corporate recruiting career because well it’s where it all started and why I name my blog The Recruiter Mom. I have loved the Gibsonlook Notch Collar Blazer for YEARS because it’s the perfect blend of comfy and professional. I have nearly every color they have made.

Over the past year due to COVID Gibsonlook had several issues manufacturing this jacket so it went away for a bit. But it’s BACK and in a couple of new neutral colors. I’m loving this latte color plus it looks stunning with both the black AND the green dress.


I wanted to also show my go-to white color of blazer because it’s a staple in my closet and paired with the green Ryanne Ruffle Sleeve Shift Dress it’s a great spring workwear look.

Ryanne Ruffle Sleeve Shift Dress | Notch Collar Blazer| Necklace | Veronica Hoop Earrings | Nude Hazel Pump | Crossbody Bag


Now I wanted to call this the Graduation Dress because I feel like it’s the perfect dress for outdoor graduations! My little man will have an outdoor event and in late May it can be HOT in Texas. This has a lightweight polyester material that in not too body hugging or heavy.

Now because this is a lightweight fabric I am wearing shape wear to tame the mommy tummy! If you are concerned about it clinging too much then I would size up if in-between. As shown before both the medium and large fit just depends on how you want it to hang on your body.

Ryanne Ruffle Sleeve Shift Dress | Wedges | Cuff Bracelets | Hoop Earrings

I asked Audrie to take a close up of this necklace because this Cartier love necklace is the gift my husband gave me when my little guy was born. When he nursed he used to hold his tiny little hand on it. Every time I wear this necklace I think of how important my job as a mom really is. It also reminds me of how quickly time passes!

Now if you are looking for something similar without the price tag this style from Nordstrom is a great affordable replacement and makes a great Mother’s Day present.


Gold French Twist Hoop Earrings

I also wanted to show these gorgeous earrings from Tuckernuck. I’ve had them for a few months and feel like I pull them out when I need that deep rich gold color. They are on the heavier side so if you have sensitive ears you might want to skip these.

Ryanne Ruffle Sleeve Shift Dress | Air Bloom Earrings | Pink Denim Jacket (L)| Studded Sandals (size up 1/2)| Wrap Bracelet | Chain Cuff Bracelet | Arrow Necklace

Finally I wanted to show you that this dress can also be dressed for a fun night out or vacation! I added this pink denim jacket from Liverpool and studded sandals and I’m ready for some fun.

I hope you love this dress as much as I do!

Today there are actually 4 new signature dresses released by Gibsonlook and you can get 15% off all of them using code RYANNE15. These super cute summer dresses I’ll be showing more of later but you don’t want to miss them today!

Ashley Tiered Poplin Dress in Rossa & Navy (runs tight in chest size up if larger busted I needed a L) |

Natasha Puff Sleeve Square Neck Dress (runs tight in chest, but has elastic ruching in the back so not as tight size down if in-between)

Jennifer Shirt Dress (did not receive this style)

Professional Photography by Audrie Dollins of Dallas, TX

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  1. 4.17.21
    Kelly said:

    You look adorable! I love your dress and your overall sense of style. I recently stumbled upon your Instagram and couldn’t be happier to follow along. Cheers for you and thank you for sharing.