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Stanley 2.0 Soft Matte Tumbler– This 40 oz tumbler is GREAT for co-workers that are making sure they are drinking enough water through the day. The soft matte exterior is NEW so even if they are already a fan they most likely don’t have one of these.

Sage– Sometimes an office needs a little cleanse!

Timer– Stay on task with this light up timer with multiple time settings

Christmas Mug– When your mug says everything about the season, this 22 oz mug is great for warm beverages and keeps it warm for a LONG time!

AirPod Cleaner– IF you have a boss or co-worker that loves their headphones give them this cool little contraction to keep them clean.

Poo-Pourri Holiday Set– Everyone has to go at work, make it a little less stinky with the 2022 holiday scents

Personalized Stationery– a great thank you card or notepad that has already been personalized is such a great gift for anyone on your list

JBL Speaker– To rock out those holiday tunes all season long

Personalized Leather Card holders– This personalized leather card holder is a classic and great for women or men

Light Box– If you are in a place where you don’t have great windows grab one of these light boxes for your co-workers to keep the winter blues away.. let’s just say everyone wins!

3 in 1 travel charger– This charger is such a GREAT gift I have ti in so many lists because we love ours. It’s designed for iPhone 13 and newer, AirPod Pros and Apple Watch.

Work Kit– I love pinch kits and have been gifting them for years but this work kit was the first I’ve ever seen geared just for work emergencies. I love this one and there are a ton more on my Amazon list.

Umbrella– I’ve gifted umbrellas a few times and it’s so funny how they are always appreciated. We love the smaller size of this one but pops out to easily cover you to and from the car.

Mug Warmer– If you have a co-worker that is always getting busy and their coffee cools grab this desk warmer for under $30.

Plant Oil Diffuser– This faux plant is a oil diffuser and has 7 colors

Basketball Travel Set– I was recently gifted a personalized luggage tag and love it. Such a fun idea for those road warrior co-workers.

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