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Over the years I’ve had so many requests for this list! I think that there are a ton of unique and thoughtful gifts you can get for ANYONE even the person that seems to have it all. I tend to look for new tech items, food gifts or things to make life easier.

Heated Jacket – Last year the heated vests and jackets were a HIT if you have someone that is always cold this is a must have gift.

Funny Mug– Stuff this with a gift card to their favorite restaurant and say you are welcome for spending time with me!

Peppermint Bark– The Williams Sonoma Peppermint Bark is the CLASSIC best tasting and really no matter how much you have in life it’s hard to turn down chocolate!

Tuff Gift Set– This truffle oil brand went crazy last year when Oprah named it to one of her top gifts. Fun way to try their top 3 products.

Balsamic & Olive Oil Gift Set– I swear by this balsamic vinegar, it tastes like nothing else I’ve ever had. Mix it with the olive oil and a touch of mustard and you have a delicious and quick salad dressing.

Mike Hot Honey Gift Set – I was introduced to this hot honey and love it! This gift set is a fun way to try this cult product in a variety of foods.

FLÎKR Fire– This tabletop mini fireplace runs off of Isopropyl Alcohol and it’s safe to cook over, great for the s’mores lovers and a grand parent that doesn’t want to have to make a full outdoor fire for a grandkid treat!

Mini Bag Sealer– Do you have a chip lover in the family? Grab this bag sealer that can reseal and cuts bags to keep those snacks fresh!

Heart Photo Picture– For the family member that really has everything recap their favorite memories in this awesome picture collage. I gifted one to my FIL a few years ago and it was a HIT!

Belkin MagSafe 3-in-1 Wireless Charger – This MagSafe Charger is perfect for those friends with the newest iPhone! It is seek and charges the iPhone 14 while also charging a Apple Watch & AirPods Pro.

Tushy 3.0 Warm Water Spa Bidet Attachment– Ok we all have a tushy and who doesn’t want one that is sprayed with warm water?! Perfect for those on your list that tend to spend like 2 hours on the throne… you know who they are

Hard Warmer– A few years ago I got these for the grandparents then realized I need one!

Pura Nest Gift Set– Bring the scent of Christmas to anyone’s home with this smart oil diffuser that can be programmed on time and scent intensity

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