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This age group is soo much fun because we are in the thick of it! My son will be 5 soon and my daughter will be 8. Most of my friends in the neighborhood have kids in this elementary/ intermediate school age. What I have noticed though is kids really start to develop their own personalities and preferences so it’s impossible to say every 8 year old boy is going to love XYZ.

Instead I’ve tried to give you items that are trendy and timeless. Items that if their friends come over they might say WOW you have… but then also items that in 3 years their younger sibling inherits the item it is still relevant, like even I remember the kids with a Barbie Dream House!

Hape Quadrilla Wooden Marble Run Construction This was our kid’s bigger gift last year and OMG it’s fun! It was over my son’s head to build but boy did he love rolling those marbles down. I would suggest some of the musical and ramp add ons because they are super fun.

“Vox Box” Walkie Talkies for Kids I know SUPER OLD SCHOOL but you know what, before texting and TikTok kids would talk to each other over a walkie talkie.. bring it back people! My kids think these are the most fun and my heart swells when my 4 year old walkies sister to say I love you.

Nintendo Switch I know this is the HOT item this year bundled with Mario Kart 8 and the wheels and it will sell out FAST so keep your eyes peeled on the Facebook page because that’s where it is getting posted for any Black Friday Deals. ** I have just learned that the Nintendo Switch w/ Mario Kart 8 is the older Switch with not as good battery life. The bundle from Kohls with Mario Party and Case is the new version.

Barbie DreamHouse, DreamPlane & Care Clinic Vehicle I know a lot of you have some Barbie lovers like I do! The Dream house it a common BIG gift but if you don’t have the space or want to pay the price the dream plane and care clinic are GREAT options. We got the camper last year and it’s now on sale so if you don’t have that $65 is a great price!

Razor A3 Kick Scooter This is a bit taller for older kids plus it fold flat, genius!! You can also get the A2 version at Nordstrom Rack on sale

Light Stax Illuminated Building Blocks – 50-Piece Creative Set We have this set and they make a great “special” addition to your lego lovers sets. They work with a usb base that send the current through these blocks.

Faber-Castell Rainbow Fluffy Paint & Faber Castell World Colors Ecopencils From when my daughter was little she was the one that would stand at an art easel for hours so as she has gotten older I like to challenge her with new mediums and great art tools. The fluffy pair set comes with tools and paint that you can make all kinds of textures with. These World of Colors pencils include 3 double sided “skin tones” to allow people of all shades to be represented.

Aquabeads Deluxe Studio These were a MASSIVE hit last year and have continued so great for ages 7-9 where kids have enough attention to detail to place SUPER small beads in a pattern. I love that it also teaches attention to detail, patience (they have to dry overnight) and in our house sharing because most of the time my daughter is making shapes for all her friends.

LEGO Ideas Voltron Building Kit Larger lego kits are awesome for this age group and whether it’s Voltron, StarWars or Harry Potter get them a big set and let them go!

Roblox Ultimate Collector’s Set Series 2 & Series 1 & Collector Case My friend’s son is a MAJOR Roblox fan and then I heard that this game has taken over the older grades of elementary school.

Harry Potter: The Illustrated Collection This age group is getting more proficient with chapter books but come on everyone wants a good picture too! Join the Potter craze and pick up this boxed set of 1-3.

NERF Fortnite DP-E Blaster 2-Pack Now I don’t love recommending video games so instead grab this Nerf gun and pretend that you are in the game.

Thames & Kosmos Rainbow Gummy Candy Lab – Unicorns, Clouds & Rainbows Candy and crafts I mean it’s a win/ win




If your house is anything like ours I’m pretty over toys! I feel like the kids have a good amount so I decided to add some non-toy items that they would love.

Loom Journal – This beautifully bound journal has prompted back-and-forth pages for journaling for parents and kids. I ordered one for my daughter but I love that they have “boy” colors as well.

Personalized Stationary– This is the age group where teaching manners and expectations is so important. I want to encourage my kids to practice gratitude and what a better way than with their own stationary.

Kids Knife Set For Cooking – 5 Piece Kids Cook Set in Pink & Blue It’s NEVER too early to start teaching cooking skills and self reliance. This real knife set was a recommendation from my friend Lindsay who said even her 3 year old has his own set and help prep dinner!

Tarte Cosmetics Holiday Gift & Glam Set– This set has 4 pull out palletes in fun sparkly colors for those girls experimenting with makeup. Step it up a fun notch with the mermaid tail brushes.

20 Pack Girls Earrings great small earrings with lots of options

Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2 My daughter has been asking for a “smart” watch but please girl you are not getting anything over $80 so I looked at a bunch of options and ended up grabbing this one that has alerts for chores as well as a fitness tracker. Plus it has reminder alerts… HELLO brushing teeth! If you want one that is a little less “Disney” I’ve heard good things about the Fitbit Ace 2.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera Holiday Bundle pink (blue here) or Target Black Friday Instax Camera w/ $15 gift card option My daughter LOVES her Instax camera and it’s fun to add some stocking stuffers like photo string lights and glitter frames to compliment this gift.

Camo Earbuds for Kids– You might already be getting that dreaded “I want AirPods” but these wireless earbuds under $25 might keep them at bay for a bit longer.

Luggage– Well this is on my kid’s list because we will be headed to Disney for the first time this spring and I really want them to carry their own luggage! I love the hardcase style with a little flair so leopard for my daughter and camo for my son.

Urban Kangaroo Bath Bomb Kit– My daughter and her Grammy made this kit around Grandparents Day (full post here) and they both LOVED it! The company makes several other DIY kits as well that went straight to my daughter’s list.

Hydroflask– I mean if your kids haven’t asked for one yet they will. 🙂 I love the larger size too and the MOVEMENT colors are really fun.

Youth Portable Basketball System– Get outside!! I think I yell this to my kids more than I would like to admit but a basketball hoop tends to draw them out more.. well that and a swimming pool!

Rollerblades and Roller Skates– My friend Laura has a hockey player and said they are getting their son rollerblades to practice. My daughter is just learning so these adjustable roller skates are perfect.

Patagonia Fleece Pullover (boys) (girls)- I got my daughter one of these snuggly pull overs and she wears it nearly every day. So cozy and a good weight for school, just don’t forget to put their name in it!

Critter Slippers By Hanna– My kids LOVE their slippers and for Christmas they get a pair of reindeer ones right after Thanksgiving to enjoy the entire season.



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