Gift Guide // Teen stocking stuffers

Gift Guide // Teen Stocking stuffers great for that VSCO girl or teen guy that are so hard to shop for. Gift guide for teens ages 12-17.

One of the biggest requests I had for gift lists was for teens! Now since I don’t have any teenagers I asked some friends that do and I heard, all they want is gift cards! Ok well since unwrapping gift cards is boring I found some fun (and mostly practical) things to stuff in their stockings.

Native Teen deodorant– now I understand that this is for sure not the most highly sought after teen gift but in stockings I like to mix a little practical with fun so this falls in the practical bucket.

Sun Bum surf paste– although I do not understand the current teen boy hairstyles I do know that even for my 4 year old a little style cream calms down the bed head.

Sneaker Balls (sports themed)- stinky sports feet resolved

Harry’s Razor Set– When I asked my friends with teens their favorite gifts I heard, practical and stuff they need so Harry’s is what I’ve given every man in our family and they have all loved it.

Pinball money or gift card holder– because the number one teen gift is MONEY least make it fun for them to get it out.

Kanoodle Genius– great for family trips when it’s time to put away the iPad!

DUDE Face & Body Wipes– since guys are hard to get on a skincare routine at least grab them some quick wipes for after PE or sports to wipe off the grime and sweat that contributes to breakouts.

Sun Bum Face Stick– My friend who has a lacrosse loving son swears by this face sunscreen. Great for all the guys that love their sports but don’t love a sunburn face after the game.

Knot Tying Kit– I don’t think I should share the story of my husband almost falling out of tree as a teen holding a live chainsaw but needless to say learning to tie a good knot is an essential skill.

AirPod case– If your teen already has a pair of AirPods this is a great stuffer with a ton of colors and most are under $7 if they don’t have a set grab this dupe version for under $40.

AirPods w/ charging case & AirPods w/ wireless charging case – Now I know these are pricy for a stocking stuffer but they are HIGH on the want list of lots of teens so I figured I would go ahead and add.

Rodan + Fields Spotless– I have used this acne clearing teen set myself and was shocked on how well it worked on my minor acne but then gifted the rest to a teen family friend and it transformed her skin. (It also made the Allure Beauty list in 2019)

Hydro Flask Water bottle– the best comment ever on these popular teen water bottles “hey there is a sale on these water bottles that my husband has used for years but apparently teen girls like now” – It’s funny when it’s true. *2020 update this style is our new must have with built-in straw!

Scrunchies– These are soo popular and the inner 90s kid in me just screams… DON’T DO IT but I don’t listen because at the end of the day they really are better for your hair.

Lip Smackers– talk about classics coming back, these sweet glosses are just the best and no matter how old you are the sweet gloss is perfect.

Metal Straws Reusable Stainless Steel Straws with Silicone Tip– Hydroflask, swell or Yeti it seems like we want a straw for it all and this cute metal rainbow pack has several sizes and attachable silicone tips.

Sun Bum Tinted Lip Balm Sand Bar– depending on your teen (or pre-teen)’s age she might not really be old enough to wear makeup but a little tinted lip balm is always fun. This comes in a bunch of colors but sand bar looked really pretty!

Mario Badescu Spritz Mist & Glow– teaching good skincare habits early with this set of 3 popular facial sprays that include lavender, rosewater and green tea.

Billie Razor– This razor designed for women really is worth all the type and this way your teen is nicking herself wayyy less!

Waterproof Starry Fairy Copper String Lights I love these to add a little sparkle to any girl’s bedroom. Plus throw in a package of these little clips and now she has a place to hang her favorite pictures.

*2020 Additions*

Mask Straps While we don’t love it they might need these for a bit longer might as well throw a few in the stocking!

Wet Ones individual packs Carry in their backpack and wipe down phones, iPads etc with ease

FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer



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