Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween friends! Yesterday if you read any of my posts I was having a bit of a tough day. It’s the time of year where I start to feel overwhelmed by “getting it all done”. As many of you helped me remember it’s not possible to get everything perfect and NONE of are (although sometimes social media will make you feel that way).

One of the things that I just did not get done was making/ buying anything for a costume for me or my husband. My kids are going as PJ Masks and we talked about being Luna girl and Night Ninja but as I’ve been looking around I’m not 100% sure how we are pulling this off. So instead I might say forget it and wear this super cozy outfit since it’s dropping in temp and the rain is looking like 100% yay trick or treating!


Patagonia Los Gatos Fleece Vest // Aerie Real Soft Ribbed Long Sleeve Tee // AE Supersoft Jegging // Ugg Classic Slim Short Boot 

I got this a bit ago but when the vest came in it was tight in my typical medium, like barely got it over my chest so I had to exchange for a large. When I sized up it was perfect with a light layering shirt or lightweight sweater under it so definitely size up if you want to have some options or have a larger chest. What drew me to the vest in the first place is the name… Los Gatos Fleece vest. Los Gatos is a small town outside of San Jose that I lived in until I was 12. It made me so happy to see the name and reminded me of drives on Highway 1 to the beach that I had to snag one!


I have this paired with two of my good deal favorites- this super soft long sleeve tee from Aerie that has the most perfect burnt orange stripe but feels like pjs it’s so soft! Also the most perfect distressed jeans, I’m sure you have already heard me rave about these but listen again because a friend just got these in and she said that I hadn’t explained how amazing they are!


These jeans have a great mid-rise, stretch but keep their shape distressed but no open holes and they come in a TON of sizes and lengths. I had not shopped at American Eagle Outfitters since college (ladies that was MANY years ago) so imagine my surprise when I saw that they have taken a very inclusive approach to their sizing and marketing. I had to size up in these and I went with a short length so it would hit at my ankle (I’m 5’5). If you haven’t tried these yet now is the time since they have dropped to 31% off and that’s the lowest I’ve seen in months making them $41.36.

Now I don’t know if Uggs are still “in” but guess what friends I don’t really care! I love these boots because they are so cozy and make me happy so I’m throwing them on with my fuzzy vest and calling it a day. I hope that all of you have a dry, not too hot, not too cold Halloween with minimal meltdowns and no costume catastrophes, Happy Momming friends! 

Hugs, Ry

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