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Are you in that weird in-between time of year when you are “over” your winter clothes but it’s just too dang cold for spring and summer? I totally understand but this is the BEST time to take stock of your closet.

I recently said goodbye to this beautiful huge Texas closet but my process to get ready for the next season is the same no matter how much space you have!

my old closet in Texas
our primary closet in CO home

My first step is always take a look at the Pantone Colors for the season and color of the year. If you have never done this it’s really fascinating. Essentially Pantone will look at the New York Fashion Week that occurs in September to see the colors that will be popular in the upcoming season.

Each year you will see fall/ winter colors and spring/ summer colors. Then I start putting the colors of the season into pairing that I’m seeing in new releases or ones I just like.

Next it’s time to take stock. I pull out my pants and try them on for sizing and styles. Jean silhouettes are constantly changing so I like to keep some tried and true skinny jeans, bootcut and cropped styles.

Then take a look at what’s trending like straight leg, wide leg and baggy but after two kids I’ll be staying FAR away from the throw back low rise jeans!

I like to hang my jeans and most pants (other than athletic leggings) because I have more closet room than I do drawer room. Also I am able to see the styles and brands faster when I face the waistband outward to see the label.

Now if you don’t have as much hanging room (like my new closet) I love the folded method and found these sectioned organizers that have a reinforced bottom so I can organize my jeans by style and store then on a shelf.

Folded Clothes Organizer

In every closet I go for the slim velvet hangers since nothing slides on them and I can really get a lot more in my closet. I have searched a TON and the best value I’ve found on this style hanger has always been Amazon. Now they even have more colors and I love the white/ rose gold combo!

Next I go to my tops, jackets and sweaters. I do a 3 question edit of all my items:

  • Is it in good condition?
  • Does it fit?
  • If it was in a store today would I buy it (aka styles that are still in fashion)

Then I start to look back at the colors of the season. What do I already own in these colors or what colors will I need to purchase to update for the upcoming season.

The 2023 Pantone Color of the Year is Viva Magenta so you will be seeing lots of vibrant colors to match with that fun hot pink.

I then organize by type of item and color. I group jackets/ vests/ shirts and pants all in their own section. Then within the section I organize by color.

I tried to have it short sleeve then long sleeve but it was too much effort so I just do my best to keep the colors together.

Next I put into boxes shoes that I will be using less regularly and store them at the top of my closet. As we went into winter that was heels, flip flops, wedges and summery shoes.

As we get into warmer weather I will flip them again and put my booties up and bring down the sandals. These clear shoe boxes from The Container Store have been the most affordable and organized looking ones that I have found. They stack easily on top of one another and since they are clear I can quickly see even from below which shoes I’m looking for.

Shoe Boxes

For my taller boots I stand them up and put in spring loaded boot shapers. These lightweight ones form to the boot and keep them from flopping over.

Then my “every day” shoes go on the opposite shoe wall that I will MISS!! I was able to hold about 30 pairs of shoes on this wall that extended to our 14 ft ceilings so when we move into our smaller closet I’m going to have to do some more editing of which shoes I REALLY wear.

Then the biggest question “Does your husband have any room in there?!” The answer… ah some?!

Honestly he works a corporate job and dresses professionally daily and then on the weekends he’s a total athletic wear kind of guy. The space that he takes up in the closet is mostly suits and dress shirts.

One thing we didn’t love about this closet was it was not custom to how long his suit jackets are (he’s a 46L) so with the new build we are bringing in a company to ensure his clothes fit better.

3-Tier Espresso Folding Shoe Rack | Clutch Holder | Clear Shoe Boxes

Although we need to talk about his shoes! My man has a lot of shoes and since he is 6’4 and wears a size 12 it was REALLY hard to find a good shoe rack that would fit his shoes well.

This folding espresso rack does just that. To fit the most I do a front/ back staggering. Plus this is 2 racks that can be stacked one on top of the other to build a larger shoe “wall”.

The other area of the closet that he needed was a hanging area for items to be pressed and tie storage.

Elfa Start-A-Stack 30% off

Over the 16 years we have been together I have tried every tie organization solution possible. Luckily his company went to a dress for your day dress code a few years back and no longer has to wear a tie daily.

We kept his favorite and used the top 1 runner drawer to roll his ties. This keeps them from creasing and allows for easy color matching when he does need to sport a tie.

Tie Organization with Elfa Start A Stack

So that’s our closet! It might be the part of our Texas house I’ll miss the most (or maybe the pool) but when we move into our new home I’ll use all these same products and techniques to fit everything into our new space!

Professional images by Audrie Dollins

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