In the Thick of American Girl Dolls

If you read this title and thought, “what are American Girl dolls?” well then just skip on to the next post because none of this is for you. If you instead read this and said YES!! I’m buried in these super expensive, completely addictive, beautiful dolls then girlfriend keep on reading! Over the past few years my daughter started getting American Girl dolls, it started with Bitty Baby right before her brother was born almost 4 years ago. Since then she has received a twin doll, Wellie Wisher and then last Christmas she got her Grace 18 inch doll. Yes I am the crazy mama that brought this Girl of the Year in 2015 and then saved it for her for 2 years when I thought she was old enough to have a “big girl” doll. During this time we have also accumulated a TON of clothes and accessories. So instead of telling you all the cool AG things to buy this post is about keeping them organized and yourself sane.


Now this system will not work for everyone but it has been a lifesaver for us. We use undertake bed storage boxes that have wheels. This way the majority of her doll items are stored away in her room but when she wants to play with it all she can pull these out (especially during brother nap time). We purchased these Sterilite under the bed storage bins from Target $16.99 and they fit perfectly. Inside the clear bins I have several of the Y Weave Medium storage bins $5.99 to help separate different items like diapering supplies, food, and bigger outfits (ie soccer and spacesuit).


What really makes this system work is how we have organized the doll clothes. Each outfit has a mesh bag so it’s easy to see what’s inside and then they stack in the plastic bin. These mesh bags I found on Amazon and they come in a set of 6 for $9.99 and compared to every other place I shopped this was a great deal because they have high quality zippers and a plastic pull for easy open and close. As you can see we have bought a few sets to hold all her clothes but since we implemented this system a year ago she has been able to keep it up!

LRG_DSC02216 2

Now I will say I went one step above and took pictures of each outfit, laminated them and attached them to the zipper. I got about 3/4 done with this a realized that the circle rings were not holding them on so I gave up for a bit when I realized what does stay on better it cutting out the cardboard pic that comes on the box (if you are not a collector) and attaching that! If you don’t want to go to this hassle I get it but I would still encourage you to somewhere have a pic of what each outfit looks like because it REALLY helps when matching it all back up.


The last thing I wanted to mention is this doll bunkbed. This also has really helped keep my daughter’s room a bit less chaotic because when she wants to unbunk these and play as individual beds she can but then we can stack back up and push to the side of the room. This doll bunk bed set is normally $99 but on sale now for $79 and since it is made from the same high quality material that her entire bedroom furniture is made from I know it will last!

I hope this helps some of you mamas thinking OMG I can’t deal with one more American Girl item, but my daughter wants like 5 things for Christmas! Also hint out there we are not buying our AG stuff until after Thanksgiving because last year they did a 12 days of Christmas event where every day a bunch of items went on sale and they had some AMAZING deals so keep your eyes GLUED to the Facebook group because that it where I will post them all!



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