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For a while I have been trying to think of what I wanted to call my posts about kid finds. About a year ago I had a page called Ry’s finds but I didn’t want to re-do that, then I was just calling each item by name but I wanted you to be able to find all of the posts together. So recently I was re-listening (audiobook) Jen Hatmaker’s Of Mess and Moxie and she starts off the book dedicating it to women in each stage of their life. She talks about “the joy of being a woman among women is a gift and a treasure” and I feel exactly the same. As she goes through each stage she gets to where I am, 38 with little ones “in the thick of the family years, where life is joyful and tender and bananas”. So this is what these posts will be called “In The Thick Of It Thursday” for all my mamas here with me that are also #inthethickofit.


Today I wanted to share with you my love for If you are in the private Facebook group or you have read some of my older back to school posts then you probably have heard my love for this brand, although compared to many others it is fairly unknown. The brand is fairly new only being founded in 2014 but by two brilliant moms that had extensive experience from and understood the plight of moms just looking for a freaking pair of navy pants that fit! As you can see I share their angst. This is my son who is 3.5 and in the past year has really thinned out but still kept growing! As we have headed into some colder days and months so many of the pants that I have bought him are huge in the waist if they are long enough or a size 2 and high waters!


Luckily everything that I have purchased from has fit both of my kids so wonderfully! They both have attended a private school where khaki and navy bottoms are part of the uniform so at the end of the summer I showed you some of the styles that we have loved!

On the far left are the navy “the chino four pocket pant” that little man is wearing above in a size 3. In sizes 2-5 these are a pull-up pants (thank you for the kiddos learning how to potty on their own!) with a flat front waistband and gathered in the back, with two back patch pockets.

The shorts that he has lived in for the past few months at school are the Broken Twill Pull On Shorts  these again have a great pull-on soft waist band with a real drawstring to tighten if needed. Although most places have moved past shorts weather we live in Texas and you seriously never know when it’s going to shoot back into the 80s (has happened previous Halloween times)


The girls skirt below the shorts is called the uniform pleated skirt and although it is very soft and fit well it does not have under shorts so my active daughter did not wear it as much as her Cat & Jack brand ones. What she did LOVE were these stretch ponte pants! These are super soft and in her size 5 they were a pull on with gathered back, now that she is moving into size 6 they will have a zip/snap and functional front pockets. What made them amazing though is the fit on my little girl that has long skinny legs, they were not baggy in the hips or thighs like so many pants.


Now the other great thing about is because they have solid color clothes in a ton of styles making COSTUMES from them is super easy! Here are the kids last year on Dr. Seuss Day in the Long Sleeve Dress in dandelion and Heathered Terry jogger in Navy (hard to see but he wore these ALL THE TIME we have 5 colors).

I also made little man’s dinosaur costume from the Zip Hoodie in Grass and Heathered Terry Joggers in Grass. Now I am fairly handy with a sewing machine so I cut this hoodie and sewed in all of the spikes but if you are not big on sewing head over to their awesome easy Halloween costume page and there are hundreds of ideas!


This year I grabbed the Long Sleeve PJ Top and PJ Pant to make their Halloween costumes, if you have kids ages 2-6 you probably can guess what these will turn out to be! IMG_4200

So as I mentioned this brand is not super well known but it is growing with high quality items, easy ordering and awesome ideas for moms it will be a BIG brand soon! There are a ton of other styles that we love from Primary so jump over to Facebook if you have questions on our sizing. Also if you are a new customer you can get 20% off your first order with code AFF20PCT. Happy Thursday and keep going mamas who are in the thick of it, you got this!

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