International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day!! As the daughter of a strong woman and the mom of a strong girl I have a passion for supporting and connecting with women, it was one of the reasons that I started this blog. Several years ago I led a Women’s Leadership Event for my company where I showed the Ted talk by Amy Cuddy where she talks about body language. I had seen her speak a few months prior where she did an even more in depth speech about how girls learn very early on in life to make themselves smaller.

I had tears streaming down my face as she discussed girls silencing their voice and physically making themselves smaller as men make themselves bigger. I couldn’t allow my daughter (or myself) do this, we need big voices and strong minds to change the world around us. That is why when I did my very first professional photoshoot for my blog I told my wonderful photographer Regan Morton Photography I need a superwoman pose photo! Today almost 8 month from when I started this blog I thought it would be fun to talk all things girl power.

One of the brands that I have loved for years is launching a campaign with 9 influencers that represent all sizes and backgrounds. Each of them have designed a top and some of the proceeds are going to a charity of their choice. Here is a sneak peak of some of them. The collection launches today so like all Gibson collaborations expect first day sell outs so click here to see all the pieces and shop immediately! I have the Erin top from last year and it is so flattering so that green one is going to need to come home with me! Also the beautiful lace one from @hkcung looks like it’s coming in black and white and would be beautiful for the spring.

At the same time that I am super excited about this clothing launch one of my favorite get your butt up and achieve your goals author Rachel Hollis just launched her new book Girl, Stop Apologizing her follow up book to the best seller Girl, Wash Your Face. Now I love listening to books, especially when it’s the author that reads them but if I know anything from her last book I’m going to need a hardcopy as well because she has so many wise words that I just want to highlight and put on a sticky note by my computer. My favorite is to burn a candle I love, have some tea and flip through this book for words of wisdom. Then I started thinking I have been wanting to share some of my favorite books. As I looked through the list I was blown away on how many of them are written by women so I figured what a perfect time to share my book list on International Women’s Day.

My Favorite Books by women

If you can’t tell by my books choices I am a very complex woman that loves business, self-help, comedy, cooking, politics and faith. What I have realized over time is that all of my female friends are the exact same way! We can’t be put in a box of working mom, stay at home mom, not a mom, mom of faith or mom of grown kids; in reality we all have seasons of life that define us. What has made me stronger is finding the women at each season that can stand beside me and help me figure it all out. The women that I spent my corporate years with taught me business, leadership, sales and how to be a working mom. Now that I have transitioned to working from home and embarking on this new venture many of the women in my community (neighborhood & online) have taught me how to balance this new season.

As I have started to change so have things in our family. My sweet little girl who was only 2.5 when we moved to DFW will be turning 7 next week. Since one of my goals in life is to be a role model for her I have been looking for more resources that help her learn about strong to boost her confidence and show her that all things are possible. Here are a few things that I have loved for my daughter:

Things for Strong Girls

Thank you for helping me celebrate International Women’s Day, I am so blessed to be surrounded by incredibly strong women that have always shown me that being fierce is a good thing… because let’s be honest GIRLS RUN THE WORLD!


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  1. 3.8.19
    Michelle McCallum said:

    Thank you so much for your post. I also love many of the books on your list and am excited to read more! Also appreciated the list of kids books….have a daughter as well.