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Good Morning friends! Well I assume you are reading this in the morning, that’s when I have a few moments to myself to read an email, blog post and actually wash my face. Yes today I’m talking about my morning skincare routine (my evening routine is here)!

I’ll be honest I get up very early which means it’s not uncommon for me to fall asleep with my makeup on (AHHH!) but that shows how important my morning routine is to me. I really take the time to put on high quality products that are anti-aging… hello 40 and will protect my skin through the day.


Many of you have read that I have really started to love the Colleen Rothschild products and after over a year of using them I have a pretty set routine down. While I like the cleansing balm for the evening there is something about the Balancing Gel Cleaner that I love in the morning.

This cleanser will foam up a bit and seems to really wash away any dirt and grime (aka drool or leftover makeup) from the night. It washes clean but does not strip my skin of moisture like a lot of foaming cleansers can. I’ve also heard that this product is great for teens and tweens. I use: About 2 pumps for face and mix with water until frothy

Soma Cool Nights Pajama Cami |Soma Cool Nights Pajama Shorts| Balancing Gel Cleaner | Original Makeup Remover Cloth

STEP 2- HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator 

Skin Medica HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator

Funny enough I first heard about this product from the Off the Vine podcast with Kaitlyn Bristowe she has amazing skin and there was an episode where she had her dermatologist talk through her skincare routine. Now her routine was excessive and VERY costly but there were a few items I grabbed and ended up loving and this was one of them.

The SkinMedica HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator blends five types of hydrators that immediately go to work replenishing your skin’s hyaluronic acid which is a key step to having that “plump” youthful feeling skin. Now that I’ve hit 40 I also have to remember to use this all the way down my chest to ward off any of those chest lines! I use: One pump for face, one pump for chest


Colleen Rothschild Vitamin C Treatment Complex

Now a step I learned after listening to that podcast was how important Vitamin C is in the morning. Apparently vitamin C helps prevent damage from free radicals that can occur throughout the day so it’s most beneficial when it’s part of your morning routine.

For awhile I was using this C E Ferulic but I was having some breakouts and redness. Thank goodness a wonderful reader that is in the skincare field mentioned oh yeah if you are prone to breakouts that one can for sure make you break out! That’s when I switched to the Colleen Rothschild Vitamin C Treatment Complex.

This potent form of vitamin C helps reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation by penetrating the epidermis 16 times more effectively than ascorbic acid. The formulation stimulates collagen production, leaving skin more even and radiant. I use: a large pea size for face and rub excess into neck. Pro tip that I forget… squeeze onto the back of your hand then when you are done rub the backs of your hands together to have that free radical protection there too!


So this might sound weird but I have two that I love! The Colleen Rothschild Extreme Recovery Cream has this lightweight whipped texture and when I want something that will be hydrating but light I use this one. I use: About a dime size for my face and neck

Now if I’m feeling like I need more moisture or I’m going to be doing some photos and want a good base for makeup I use the Charolette Tilbury Magic Cream. This cream also has hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C & E in it so I get a double whammy of all my previous steps! It has a thicker, silkier feeling and really does last a long time. When I’m busy and I’m going to just put on one product after washing my face it’s this one. I use: About a dime size for my face and neck

Charolette Tilbury Magic Cream


SkinMedica Total Defense Repair SPF 34

Have I mentioned that I’m in major skin protection age?! Well after my years of tanning beds and baby oil I learned my lesson and I use sunscreen EVERY SINGLE DAY! The SkinMedica Total Defense Repair SPF 34 is my final step every day because it has enough coverage for everyday plus it gives me sunscreen protection and a little extra Vitamin C & E (are you seeing a trend here lol). I use: two pumps and it has lasted 5 months using daily!

I hope this helps you find some products that help your skin! Right now there are some great deals on these products Colleen Rothschild has some new bundles that include a few of the products mentioned with about a 25% discount (depending on the bundle).

Sephora is having a sale for beauty insiders with $20 off $100 purchase or $15 off $75 which the Charolette Tilbury Magic Cream totally falls into! (through 8/23).

Finally The Dermstore that carries SkinMedica is having 10% off and free ship with code CELEBRATE.

Professional Images by Audrie Dollins

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