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Here’s the hard truth, in the past decade I’ve been a size 6, 8, 10 & 12. I have gained and lost weight with the birth of my two kids and my body is definitely not the same as it was 10 years ago. When I write this I know so many moms are shaking their heads thinking, been there sister!

Recently I was introduced to the brand NEIWAI that has developed a bra that is designed to fit your through all the sizes of your life because “Your Size is The Size”.

The 2021 Barely Zero’s CloudFit® fabric is the key to conform to nearly anyone’s body and to continue to adapt through natural weight changes, pregnancy, & maternity. The fabric is also extremely soft, wicks moisture and reduces odor.

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NEIWAI Wireless Bra fits all sizes, your size is the size! #NEIWEI #wirelessbra #loungewear #maternitybra #BarelyZero #YourSizeIsTheSize #MadetoLiveIn #FriendsofNEIWAI

Barely Zero Spaghetti Strap

The bra accommodates anyone who wears a band between 30 – 40” and an A – DD cup. Although I found as a 36DD that the classic style fit me better than the spaghetti strap since I am on the larger side of the fit scale. The classic style has a wide back and edging that doesn’t curl and the spaghetti strap is adjustable, making both seamless and nearly invisible under clothing.

Although the classic style fit okay, I was excited to see that NEIWAI also has a “curve” style that is designed for traditional band between 37.5″ – 43.5” and an A-DDD cup that I think would fit me a bit better.

NEIWAI Wireless Bra fits all sizes, your size is the size! #NEIWEI #wirelessbra #loungewear #maternitybra #BarelyZero #YourSizeIsTheSize #MadetoLiveIn #FriendsofNEIWAI

Now I had to give it the true test… I tried them on my 9 year old daughter! Now she is even smaller than a 30″ band but wanted to see if these would be good to buy for our daughters and low and behold IT FIT.

The cups were obviously too large for her right now but she loved how soft and stretchy the fabric is. She asked me to “hold on to them” for a few years for her. Since they have the most beautiful packaging it was easy to put them back in their box and hold on to them for her while I ordered myself the curve style.

NEIWAI Wireless Bra fits all sizes, your size is the size! #NEIWEI #wirelessbra #loungewear #maternitybra #BarelyZero #YourSizeIsTheSize #MadetoLiveIn #FriendsofNEIWAI

Since I was already ordering I figured I would check out some of the buy more, save more bundles. You can save up to 30% when you purchase bras and briefs together in a bundle.

They also have options for 3 bra bundles, 2 bra bundles and bra and brief bundles. Basically there is a bundle and color for everyone!

NEIWAI Wireless Bra fits all sizes, your size is the size! #NEIWEI #wirelessbra #loungewear #maternitybra #BarelyZero #YourSizeIsTheSize #MadetoLiveIn #FriendsofNEIWAI

Barely Zero Spaghetti Strap in Cinnamon Taste | Spaghetti Strap in Treacly Almond | Classic Style in Champagne Wheat | Classic Style in Black Truffle

Since I heard such good things about the bras I also had to try out their loungewear. The 2021 Laid Back collection sounded like something I needed in my life! The collection is made from a cotton/ modal blend so soft and breathable.

I also picked up the Summer Moonlight Padded Camisole which has built-in cups and a lightweight stretchy mesh internal bra that makes this cami perfect for lounging or sleepwear.

All of their pieces make amazing gifts as well for all the women in your life (holidays are coming soon)!

NEIWAI Loungewear #NEIWEI #wirelessbra #loungewear #maternitybra #BarelyZero #YourSizeIsTheSize #MadetoLiveIn #FriendsofNEIWAI

Ribbed Cardigan | Cami | Pants

Fit Tips: all true to size, Large

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