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We are about 2 weeks into school and it’s been amazing having both my kids at the same campus for the first time in three years! We live close enough to walk each day but that means that I’ve had to up my athleisure game. I like having outfits that are comfortable to wear walking but then I can keep on for the rest of the day.

Since I love the Zella bottoms I recently got I figured I would head back to the Nordstrom Made section and grab some tops. Many of their tops are lightweight enough for our warmer fall weather but also have just enough weight for those mornings when it starts to be a little chilly.

Nordstrom is one of my favorite places to shop because of their free ship and free returns. Plus the in-house brands in the Nordstrom made section seem to fit me well and have lasting quality.

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Zella Pullover | Zella Pocket Crop Leggings | Tote | Sneaker

Fit Tips: Pullover runs large I sized down to M // Leggings tts, L // Sneakers size up 1/2

This first Zella top has a relaxed fit so I’m in a medium but I love the tunic length, drop shoulder and lighter feel. It’s mostly modal so that means, stretchy & soft (my favorite things!) Plus when I saw this gorgeous green color I knew I would wear it into winter.

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Medium Metro Quilted Nylon Tote

When I walk to school I don’t bring a big bag but now that the kids activities have started back up this MZ Wallace bag has come in handy for toting snacks, iPads, water bottles and even my laptop during our weekly sports. On my walks to school though I look for leggings with pockets because I typically juts bring my phone!

I love that these Zella cropped leggings have a phone pocket on both sides and they are high waisted enough if I do want to workout in them as well.

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Long Sleeve T-Shirt | Cropped Leggings | Sneakers

Fit Tips: T-shirt tts, L // Leggings tts, L // Sneakers size up 1/2

Times when I want something even lighter that I can layer with I grab this Zella long sleeve T-shirt. A few months ago I tried a bunch of long sleeve athletic tops and this one was my #1 winner! It’s short enough to actually workout in but it’s not too clingy to be showing all my tummy. The fabric is super soft while still being sweat-wicking.

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Now funny story about me and early morning drinks, I hate coffee. I know it’s the the most unpopular opinion out there but let’s be real I LOVE caffeine so don’t think this spring in my step is just from the love of life lol!

I typically wake up around 5am and have an energy drink, I KNOW it’s not the best for me but it’s what keeps this mama going. Then around 6am my youngest wakes up, he always comes downstairs and walks into my office and sits in my lap and snuggles with me. He’s the first one that notices if my clothing for the day is soft and the Zella tees got a thumbs up.

Then around 7am my daughter comes downstairs. She is in the 4th grade so this year by the time she comes down she is fully dressed and making her own breakfast and lunch. Lately she has even been packing her lunch the night before!! We head out the door at 7:20 for a 7:30 drop off.

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Long Sleeve T-Shirt | Crewneck Sweatshirt | Soft Pocket Leggings | Sneakers | Tote

Fit Tips: T-shirt tts, L // Jogger Leggings tts, L // Sneakers size up 1/2

Sometimes I know it’s going to be a full day at the computer when I get home so I love these Zella leggings that have a jogger cuff and are SUPER soft and stretchy. They are like that perfect mix of loungewear and activewear.

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These have big pockets and a thick high wristband that is does not cut into my belly and doesn’t fall or roll. These have a 27″ inseam so hitting right at my ankle in the size large.

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While I have a few alarms that go off in the morning to remind me it’s time to go I still always feel like it’s a last minute scramble for shoes. This season I’ve fallen in love with all the slip-ons! This way I find a pair of sneakers and in seconds we are walking out the door.

As we get further into the school year the mornings are chilly but to be honest that’s my favorite time to walk to school. When I can slightly see my breath and there is a chill in the air.

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Crewneck Sweatshirt | Soft Pocket Leggings | Sneakers

Fit Tips: Sweatshirt in a M but since in the inside is pretty thick I would prefer L // Jogger Leggings tts, L // Sneakers size up 1/2

For those morning I grabbed this Zella Crewneck Sweatshirt. At fist I thought it was just a cute longer sweatshirt but when it arrived and saw the super soft fuzzy interior and was even more in love! It’s obviously too hot for September but it will be great as we move further into fall and winter.

Fleece pullover for Fall #fallpullover #pullover #falloutfits #nordstromathleisure #fallathleisure #pinkcrewneck

So if you see me hanging around the school picking up my kids don’t be surprised if I’m not full hair and makeup, dresses and coordinated outfits. Typically I’m grabbing some athletic clothes and hoofing it up our big hill and enjoying every second of this time when my kids are little enough where they still want mom walking with them!

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