New Year Goals

Let’s just be real with ourselves resolutions don’t work, well they do for like a month then we just get back on with life. I prefer to make New Year goals things that I can work towards with the understanding that there will be setbacks but forward movement is the ultimate goal. In the past it has been financial goals, getting organized, professional development, workouts- if I have a weak spot you know I’m throwing a goal at it. Some years have been more successful than others and some years (um like 2018) life has been crazy unexpected and I feel proud that my family is clothed and fed on a daily basis. My 2018 goals were as focused as throwing this basketball backwards and one handed… you can guess where they landed!


Jacket // Leggings

This year I’m focusing back on health… now please do not take that as an open invitation to tell me what workouts and diet plans are your favorite because ladies I’ve tried them all and I don’t stick to it. When things are too confining I tend to want to rebel (hello drinking a bottle of wine when I was supposed to be doing Whole 30)! 

This year my goal is consistency of working out and better choices on what goes in my body- that’s it!


Like many of you I will be trying out some new classes and figuring out what routine works best for me to workout consistently. In the past (like long time ago) I did sprint triathlons when we lived in Austin and I will say I HATE RUNNING. I know I have a ton of you runners out there and you love it, but OMG it’s the death of me. Alternatively I’ve heard from so many runners that they hate swimming and I love it, so again finding what you love is the first step in sticking to a routine.

Next step is the gear, I always feel motivated to try a new class or workout when I have something that I feel good in. Since I love spin classes my must have gear includes capri or 7/8 workout pants, good sports bra, sleeveless tank and jacket to cover going in and out. Shoes don’t matter because I wear clips, shoot many people walk in with flip flops. Although I know that having a good pair of shoes that you love is still important for other workouts so I have some favorite there too.


Sports Bra // Low Key Tank

Let’s start with bras because as many as I have purchased over the years I found one style that I LOVE and pretty much will only buy from now on. That is the Free to Be Serene Bra, this has a fun strappy back but enough front coverage for my 36DD chest. This one is the perfect balance of not falling out the front or feeling like I’m in a medieval corset. While on my quest to find the perfect bra I did buy the Energy Bra which fits almost identical to the Serene but is more for the B/C cup crowd so on me the front was a little too low cut but I still wear it, I mean it’s Lulu so I’m not throwing that sucker away!

There have been a few tanks that I like to workout in but the one above I liked because of the open back this style has been in and of stock since it’s down to $29 so grab one quick. I size down in this style to an 8, I have a 10 as well but the arm holes are just a bit big. I have tried the essential and love tanks from Lululemon and like them as well, they just don’t have as fun of a back! If you are looking for a long sleeve option this one with a mesh back I sized up to large and love the way it fits, plus it’s inexpensive so buying several colors will not break the bank!


Now you might know my full on love for these Aerie leggings and I will say they are amazing for a light workout and daily athleasuire wear but when it comes to hard core workouts I like something shorter and thinner.. I sweat lol! I have tried several pairs recently trying to see what is my absolute favorite so I wanted to give you a quick run down of my hits and misses, but first some reference. I am 5’5 and typically wear a 10 and like a high rise in workout pants that come right at my bellybutton- anything lower seems too low anything higher tends to roll and feel uncomfortable for me.

  • Women’s Studio High-Waisted Capri Leggings 20″ – C9 Champion-  Possible Hit
    • Pros- These are soft but still have moisture wicking to them. High waisted but not too high and not too tight at the top band. 1 side phone pocket that holds my iPhone X. Inexpensive at $24.99
    • Cons- I got in a medium and honestly they were too snug, I think sizing up to a large they would be a win.
  • Aerie Move 7/8 Legging in Feel Cool fabric– Hit
    • Pros- has the same lightweight feeling as an expensive Lululemon leggings (a bit thinner) has a high waist but not too high. Tons of prints and styles and inexpensive from $18-$25 since they go on sale pretty frequently. Also you can get lengths and tons of size ranges.. hello why I adore Aerie.
    • Cons- only 1 style as a side pocket for my phone.  Also size down if in-between I bought in a large and they did slip a ton but I got the wrong size. I have the dot style and although they have the same silky feeling as my fast & free crop these are thinner.
  • Zella Hatha High Waist Crop– Hit
    • Pros-  High/ mid waist with fun mesh cut-outs on the back. Thicker cotton feel but still wicks moisture. At 5’5 these are still “crop” enough and right now 50% off
    • Cons- These are almost sold out since they are 50% off, but this style and this print are very similar and more in stock. Also no side pocket and minimal styles. Also size up I went to a large which says it’s a 12-14 so rude.
  • Lululemon Fast & Free Crop and 7/8– Hit
    • Pros- I have tried on so many Lulu styles and it’s hard to find what you love without doing just an entire day of goldilocks but from what I’ve heard a lot of people love this style. It’s lightweight but not too thin, once they are on they feel like a 2nd skin, mid/high rise but not too high and don’t roll down. Side pockets and come in a crop and 7/8 length (which for my 5’5 frame is basically ankle) Also they have 2 side pockets for my iPhone X!
    • Cons- PRICE!! I try and grab these on sale because really the downfall to all Lulu is the heavy price tag. See below because I also have a solution to that.
  • 90 Degree By Reflex High Waist Tummy Control V-Shape Capri– Miss
    • Pros- these were thin and high waisted and I liked the color. Inexpensive at $22.99 and other people LOVE these.
    • Cons- I sized smaller since they said they ran big and I probably should have gotten the large since the top of the waistband cut into my waist. Even with that I felt like these were too high waisted, gave me total camel toe and did not have a side pocket so they were a miss for me.
  • 90 Degree By Reflex – High Waist Power Flex Legging – Tummy Control– Miss
    • Pros- These are inexpensive and a soft cotton with some stretch, fit better than the capris and are inexpensive at $34.99 for 2 pairs.
    • Cons- These were way too high waisted and way too long, plus no side pockets.

I realized after I ordered that the 90 Degree leggings I bought and tried were not the 2019 upgraded style with the phone pocket so those are on the way to see if they are worth the hype!


Now I’m ready to kick some butt but before I do I wanted to tell you quickly that I am trying a new brand. My friend Lauren started selling Zyia and told her initally, um yeah I’m good then she told me how it’s made in the same factory as Lulu has similar fits and feel but at a lower cost!! I’m getting my first outfit in soon so keep your eye out for that post!

Obviously there are a few other things you need if you are working out on a regular basis so here are all my favorite accessories!
Click the picture to shop each item:

I hope you have a wonderful New Year I know for me 2018 was a bit crazy but I’m finally settling into the new life and new year!

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