Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 | What you need to know

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020: Important Dates, What to buy and why you should shop this event. #nordstromsale #nordstromanniversarysale2020 #nsale2020

Finally we have some answers on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for 2020! Although it will be delayed (it’s typically in early July) it’s still happening.

Here is what you need to know:

WHAT is Anniversary Sale?

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale offers new arrivals for fall on sale from top brands like Madewell, Caslon, Halogen and many more. Nordstrom cardmembers get to shop the sale before everyone else during Early Access. Your dates and level depend on your card spending from the previous year but you can still Apply for a Nordstrom credit card now to unlock Early Access prior to the general public access. Subject to credit approval

WHEN is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for 2020?

Some things are changing this year! First, everyone will be able to preview all sale items even earlier—starting July 24. This way, you have plenty of time to check out my Best Buy lists and save items to your wish list so you can check out faster when it’s time to shop. This preview experience will replace the print catalog this year.

Nordy Club cardmembers with Icon, Ambassador or Influencer status will get even more time to shop Early Access. The higher your status, the earlier you shop. This is on top of the six days of Early Access all cardmembers get.  

WHERE Should I shop?

Online or in-store? Last year was the first time that I attempted in-store, I booked the earliest appointment with a stylist, I had items pulled for me I knew EXACTLY what I wanted and ya know what?! I felt like I would have been better off staying at home!

At least half of the things I wanted were not in store, the dressing rooms were crowded (even on the 2nd day of early card holder access) and sizing was scarce. I ended up coming home hours later and ordering online many of the pieces I kept. So if you REALLY want stuff day 1 I would recommend curbside pickup or just stay in your pjs and order online since Nordstrom has free shipping and free returns.

This year they are doing a preview where you are able to add items to your wish list with sizing and colors. Then upon your shopping day, add to cart and check out. Here is how that works:

  1. Click here to get to your wish list
  2. Click Edit in the upper right corner
  3. Click your 1st item then “select all”
  4. Add to Bag will move all items selected to your cart
  5. If it’s your day to shop your check out will begin!

WHY should I shop the anniversary sale?

Now every year there is a bit of Anniversary Sale backlash and here is why. These are typically fall clothes and after I purchase them in July it’s going to be a good 3 months before I’m wearing them in October (aka cold enough in TX to even think about a sweater). Also there are some items that dropped in price AFTER the sale and there are TONS of sell outs of popular items. So every year there are some frustrations.

I hear ya loud and clear so I want to give you a run down of the items I buy that I believe are worth grabbing and I do so every year and have not been disappointed. I’m also going to put together some outfits, this way you can go through your closet see what you already have and then fill in some new pieces for this fall.



Each year I grab the “it” bootie from Vince Camuto, these do sell out within the first few days of card holder shopping so that’s why early access is important. In years past I normally don’t see these popular styles go back on sale until Black Friday or after holiday shopping so for me always worth grabbing. This year it looks like the Gradina Block Heel Bootie is going to be pretty popular if I based it on how far up it is on their main page (aka the TOP!)

My 2020 picks (add to your wish list):


I also pick up a few cardigans. These are great especially for early fall since I can layer with a cami while it’s hot then longer sleeves later. The past two years Madewell has had a stripe one that is super soft and typically has the popular colors of the season but I’m loving this year the solid colors even more. Also a “must have” is the Barefoot Dreams cardigan the circle lite is typically my choice and I’m loving the new green but it’s the thicker leopard print that will be an early favorite.

My 2020 picks (add to your wish list):


I realized I had to add a category which is general workwear! Gibson, Halogen and Vince Camuto have all come with amazing deals in past NSale events and I don’t doubt that this year will be the same. This knit Gibson blazer is one of my favorite workwear staples and I have it in 5 colors and this year it’s the cheapest I’ve ever seen!

I’ve also added some of my favorite shape wear that I always wear under dresses as well as some shoes and accessories that would be great for a business professional environment.

My 2020 picks (add to your wish list):


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020: Important Dates, What to buy and why you should shop this event. #nordstromsale #nordstromanniversarysale2020 #nsale2020

Typically each year I pick up a higher end BLANKNYC Suede Moto jacket. These are the ones that are fully lined and look cute with jeans or a dress, they are versatile and worth every penny. Normally the popular colors (like a neutral) does not go back on sale again until spring so picking it up during the Anniversary sale is a great grab.

Also I grab some layering staples like tees & camis just depending on what is available each year. The Caslon tees are almost always included and they are a great all year staple for me.

JEANS!! This is a great time to pick up denim, honestly I think even year I wish I had grabbed more. My favorite brands are KUT from the Kloth & Wit & Wisdom and I normally look for multiple styles.

My 2020 picks (add to your wish list):


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020: Important Dates, What to buy and why you should shop this event. #nordstromsale #nordstromanniversarysale2020 #nsale2020

This is a great time of year when some luxury brands have great deals on jewelry and handbags. I always keep my eye out for Kendra Scott and Tory Burch. These Kendra Scott earrings were a Nordstrom Anniversary exclusive color and then never restocked so if you love it grab it!

Another splurge I made a few years back was my Michele watch, these luxury timepieces are just stunning and always at a reduced price for Anniversary Sale.

My 2020 picks (add to your wish list):


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020: Important Dates, What to buy and why you should shop this event. #nordstromsale #nordstromanniversarysale2020 #nsale2020

Oh man do I love some beauty sets and this is the best time to get some exclusive sets of your favorite beauty brands at sale prices. Last year I got a great MAC Lip set and MAC palette, both with stunning neutrals I used all year. Also more expensive tools like GHD and high end electronics like the Simple Human Mirror tend to go on sale so if something has been on your wish list this is a good time.

My 2020 picks (add to your wish list):


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020: Important Dates, What to buy and why you should shop this event. #nordstromsale #nordstromanniversarysale2020 #nsale2020

Every single year I purchased at least 2 of the luxe Little Giraffe blankets to save and give as gifts and I swear every year I wish I had purchased a few more! These high end blankets (that both my kids love and have had theirs since they were babies) almost NEVER go on sale other than the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. So each year I load up knowing that we will have some friend or work colleague that we need a gift for and I like having them on hand.

I also pick up Noodle and Boo gift sets and the Nordstrom Bliss Plush Throw as gifts. I also tend to pick up candles and other throw blankets during the sale for gifts and to restock our favorites.

My 2020 picks (add to your wish list):


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020: Important Dates, What to buy and why you should shop this event. #nordstromsale #nordstromanniversarysale2020 #nsale2020

It’s funny each year I go back and look at my purchases to assess what was a “good buy”. Did we use it, wear it, etc. and for as long as I can remember I ALWAYS get these items: Undershirts and dress shirts for my husband, fleece or some sort of jacket for each kid, jeans/ jeggings for each kid and kid shoes. EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. So I’m going to say that these are must haves, well at least in our house!

My 2020 picks (add to your wish list):


Mr. TRM has a business professional job where blazer, slacks and dress shirt are required when he is in the office. The Nordstrom sale has always been a great time to get him stocked up on some shoes and dress basics as well.

My 2020 picks (add to your wish list):

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020: Important Dates, What to buy and why you should shop this event. #nordstromsale #nordstromanniversarysale2020 #nsale2020


  1. First, mark your calendars for online Preview starting July 24th for everyone. You’ll need to be a cardholder to access the sale to purchase but you will be able to start making your wishlist on the 24th.
  2. Start planning your picks aka come back to THIS PAGE starting on July 24th! I will upload this page with my picks and my favorite styles.
  3. Go through each of my best picks and then ADD TO WISH LIST. This will make it when the sale starts for you you can check out your entire list at once.
  4. When the sale starts, head to wish list, Choose the In-Store Pickup as your shipping option during checkout if you have a location close. If you don’t have a Nordstrom location near you or if an item is not available for In-Store Pickup, don’t worry! Nordstrom offers free shipping and free returns on all orders. Click here to find the nearest Nordstrom location.
  5. After your order is placed, you’ll get a text from Nordstrom when your order is ready for pickup. You can then head to your local store at your convenience and your items will be waiting. Some locations even offer curbside pick up where they bring it out to your car! It’s really the best way to shop.
  6. HAVE FUN!! Don’t stress too much about buying a ton, Nordstrom has a great return policy. Get it home, try stuff on see how it works with the rest of your wardrobe and then return what you don’t love. 

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  1. 6.10.20
    Fabiana said:

    Thank you for this great info! I’m looking forward to the preview and your picks. I really miss having a Nordstrom here in Orlando. But I continue to shop online and always get compliments on the items I get from them! I have had their card for years and Nordy Club is one of the best rewards programs out there. Thanks again!

    • 6.11.20
      Ryanne Janca said:

      Thank you so much! It is my favorite same and I agree it’s one of the best reward programs around!

  2. 6.11.20
    Angela said:

    Thanks for the great info. Last year frustrated me so bad I may skip it all together. I placed my orders and 75% were not filled.

    • 6.14.20
      Ryanne Janca said:

      It really depends on the day you order and what you are ordering for sure! I’ve always had really good luck with ordering things that weren’t always the “hot” item but rather things that I would use all year!

  3. 7.2.20
    Heather said:

    Thanks for the great info. What size do you wear in Madewell cardigans? Is their sizing consistent?

    • 7.2.20
      Ryanne Janca said:

      This style cardigan tends to run large so I size down

  4. 8.3.20
    bitbok1 said:

    Hi there 🙂 how do you check your wishlist out at once ?

    • 8.3.20
      Ryanne Janca said:

      I just updated so it’s all there!