Nordstrom Sale- Hubby Edition

IMG_8673If you are anything like me I do all the shopping in our house, that means I grab work staples for my husband when they go on sale. I have tried to look up professional men style, #workstyle, #suitup you name it but I get super annoyed when every single fashion recommendation for men is either super trendy (think Justin Timberlake at the Superbowl half time show) or casual (sweats and athletic shoes) Very few blogs seem to address the dad that goes to work in business attire that is over the age of 25! Do we just care so little on how they look or we expect that everyone works at Facebook and can wear sweats to work if they feel like it.. ok ok I’m getting off my soapbox.

Here’s the real truth, I have been shopping for my husband for about 14 years for a job that is conservative professional dress. The company just recently they moved to more business casual but since he is in upper management that’s basically business professional without the tie. Through the years we have tried a ton of brands, styles and fits on him and keep coming back to a few favorites. For reference he is 6’4 with an athletic build so he needs a trim fit but tall lengths. If you guy fits in this bracket you know my pain!

Nordstrom Men’s Shop Tech-Smart Trim Fit

These shirts are the hubby’s favorite! They have a bit of stretch, they come out of the dryer fairly wrinkle free and with a quick press look like they came from the dry cleaner. The collar works well with a blazer or suit jacket if needed but still looks nice jacket free. The darker buttons are definitely on trend right now and nice to see a $70 shirt getting in the game. These are normally $69.50 but always try and hit a sale so the Anniversary price of $45.90 is right on track!

David Donahue Trim Fit Dress Shirt

These would be the hubby’s second favorite but my #1. These have a thicker material and  to look more luxurious than the Tech-Smart. The only complaint my husband has is he thinks they fit tighter around his arms than the Nordstrom brand so there is that 🙄

Ted Baker dress pants

I tried to have him love the Nordstrom brand dress pant because they are cheaper but alas yes the Ted Baker really do look much nicer. If you are on a budget grab the Nordstrom Flat Front Sharkskin Wool Trouser for $89.90 it’s a great buy.  If you can go for the extra $30 you will be happy.

Dress Shoes 

Monk Strap

Magnanni Marco Monk Step Loafer– I’m not super happy that we bought these full price but just goes to show when Anniversary Sale comes along grab it then! These are $233.90 right now but rocket back to $350 after the sale

CH Harrison .jpg

Cole Haan Harrison Grand Plain Toe– I know these may not look like the trendiest shoe but for $139.90 they are a great staple and SUPER comfy! This has the Grand OS cushioning so he can walk around all day and not complain, we hope.

Here are just a few of the every day staples that I’m stocking up on for the working guy in my life! What are your favorites, connect with me on Facebook and Instagram and let me know.

Hugs, Ry


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