Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022 | Tips & Tricks for Public Access

It’s here!! Tomorrow starts public access for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. This year the NSALE has been a little different than years past. With early access shopping being closer together and Prime Days right in the middle I have luckily seen less frantic sell outs but, from years of shopping this sale I have some tips and tricks for you.


During all card holder day we saw sell outs happen on popular items so having your wish list ready to go is crucial! Also what makes a huge difference is being on a computer versus the app. On the app you have to select each item individually versus on the full website you can “select all”.

  1. Click here to get to your wish list
  2. Click “Select All” at top near the wish list name. **This option is ONLY available on desktop** On mobile you will need to manually click each item. 
  3. Click Black “Add to Bag” box will move all items selected to your cart
  4. If it’s your day to shop your check out will begin!

mobile view where you have to select individually:


Last year it REALLY depended on who you talked to if this worked, some members of customer service were awesome and allowed switching colors and some did not. Most of the time it worked out if that item was in stock to switch to your desired color/ size. While I can’t guarantee this will work (I don’t represent Nordstrom) it has for me in the past but it’s within a week or so of the sale ending. Worst case your size/ color doesn’t come back and Nordstrom has free returns.

ON CloudSwift Running Shoe (Grey nearly sold out but pink & green more sizes available)


Even though the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has great prices and AMAZING deals they are not the only retailer that carries some of these items. I’ve found quite a few lookalikes for you this year and many of you have said you love the alternative even more! Click to see the post

Nordstrom: Necklace | Loafers | Joggers | Tall Boots | Dress | PJ Set | Bra | Booties

Looks for Less: Necklace | Loafers | Joggers | Tall Boots | Dress | PJ Set | Bra | Booties


That’s right friends Nordstrom has some great in-house brands but the rest is all stuff sold elsewhere. In the past those websites have PRICE MATCHED the NSALE price on their own website.

In previous years SPANX did price matching as did a few other retailers so keep your eyes PEELED starting tomorrow for some deals on the retailers’s websites.

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Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

Fit Tips: Leggings XLP

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Gibsonlook Top | NYDJ Trouser Pant NSALE | Amazon listing (regular length) (petite length)

Fit Tips: Gibson top size up for larger chest, L // Pants size down if in-between 12P

These NYDJ Trouser pants were a total winner in my books and so sad to see that they sold out quickly until I saw that they are available on Amazon in both regular length and petite.


Red Carpet Strapless Bra

Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow Sticks

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Natori Bliss Cotton Briefs

It’s a great time to stock up on staples like undies, bras and home goods. These Cotton Briefs are still in good supply and one of my must-buys every year.


If your heart is SET on a certain item and you just can’t find an alternative option don’t forget to switch “on” your alerts in the Nordstrom app to be noticed when a item goes on sale or is back in stock. This has been amazing for me in the past because it’s not always “real time” but those things that come back into stock AFTER the sale it will email you when the price drops again. Don’t forget to keep this link handy –> GET TO MY WISH LIST

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