Organizing the Art Supplies

One area I hear a lot of people ask about is kids art supplies. As my kids have gotten older they love doing “projects” and for a slight OCD mom like me I want to break out in hives when I hear this! Finally I made a system where they have the freedom to easily get out supplies for art projects and categorized tubs for other items.


First we had to consolidate and organize activity books and sticker books. We love the Sticker Dolly and Activity Books from Usborne but we had a good amount of them and laying them flat was no longer working. Each of these clear magazine holders fits a good amount of them and I love that I could put a Smart Store Adhesive Label easily on the front. These holders are from The Container Store but I would not get these again because they are pretty heavy and stick to our shelves. I have not tried these but here are a few other options from Amazon that give a similar look but hopefully without the weight here  and here. We also love these from Target Hearth and Home (I mean who doesn’t love Magnolia)!


Next I organized by activity using The Container Store Smart Store square tote and tray. I liked that I could get different colors for each activity but they also have white if you want a uniform look. The 4 compartment tray fits perfectly in the square tote so small items like brushes or cutters can sit on top and then paint or play-doh on the bottom.


My daughter loves to draw and cut out things so she always wants loose paper. We grabbed these Clear Stacking Letter Trays to organize paper that she can pull out anytime. Also on the top we had a few bigger sticker books that do not fit in the stand up holders but slid great in here (here is a very similar option off Amazon).


Last thing I did for my daughter was her own art caddy. This is her place to slip notebooks, pencils, scissors and markers all the things she would use for a quick project. This is the Medium Plastic Storage Bin with handles- when these go on sale buy 12, trust me they can be used everywhere! I put in 3 tall smart store inserts so that we could separate out her small items that we wanted out of brother’s reach.

If you want to grab these cute labels to organize your supplies check out The Moffat Girls on Teachers Pay Teachers, we LOVE their material and of course their gorgeous homeschool classroom. 

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