Our Favorite Masks for adults & kids

If you had told me last fall my number one sellers in 2020 would be masks, hand sanitizer and masks straps I would have said, “wait what?!” then most likely some joke about the world ending. As much as I try and keep a positive (sarcastic) attitude about the world situation there is one thing that I like to do here at The Recruiter Mom which is give you ideas and options to help your busy life.

Yes that mission is at the core of what I do and post so all political beliefs aside in Texas mask wearing is mandatory if you are going to restaurants, stores and school (2nd grade and older). So today I’m breaking down all my favorites because if we are going to wear them might as well have some you like!


Gibson V-Neck tank | Athleta Skort | Tory Burch Mask | Tory Burch Miller Sandals | Kendra Scott Star Necklace | BudaGirl Weather proof bracelets

Now this is my favorite for a mask with a filter pocket, nose wire and adjustable ear loops. Once they made their second batch of prints they are moving up to some of my most worn as well. The exterior is a breathable silky feeling material and the inside a silky but stretchy fabric. Tory Burch is making these at cost so $35 for 5 is a great deal for such a high quality mask.

Now the cons, the prints are pretty busy so no luck getting my husband to wear these. Also they are on back order on both print sets until about the end of August so not bad but not immediate shipping.

These fit best on adults but I gifted these to teachers and they are in LOVE with them! Now check out the rest of my summer/ fall outfit that looks super cute with the Tory Burch mask!

Tory Burch Mask | Tory Burch Kira Crossbody Bag

Kendra Scott Star Necklace

BudaGirl Weather proof bracelets


Athleta Pleated Masks | Time & Tru T-Shirt Dress

This has been my personal favorite for months now. It is breathable and the neutral color pack works for both me and my husband. These have adjustable ear loops and a nose wire and fit my face as well as his really well.

I’ve heard the way to test if a mask is doing it’s job is to try and blow out a candle and I huffed and puffed with these on and not a breeze was found so I feel pretty good on their effectiveness as well. I have friends with a little bit older kids and have mentioned that the adult size works well on boys over 10 so when deciding between kids and adults take a look at ages and head size.

Now for the cons, these do not have a filter pocket and they do not have much in color variety (it’s pretty much these 5). So if you are looking to insert a filter these are not for ya!

These come in a pack of 5 for $30 and are on back order until September so please check est. ship dates when ordering.


These have been my kids favorite masks! These fit both my 8 year old and my 5 year old that are average height and below average weight/ head circumference. My kiddos tend to be on the thin side so keep that in mind when looking at ages and fit.

This style does not have adjustable ear loops or nose wire but they have been the easiest for my kids to breathe in and don’t fuss when they have to wear them. For school my daughter will be wearing these with a mask strap to help relieve the ear loop pressure and to ensure she’s not setting her mask down through the day.

Mask Strap from Etsy

Recently the color combo in the kids masks have changed and our most recent purchase (which many people have commented the same) include a neon yellow and no camo.

These come in a pack of 5 for $30 and do not show that they are on any backorder but so please check ship dates when ordering.


Athleta Made To Move Adult mask on me and my daughter

I wanted to try out this style because I LOVED the pleated version so much and I know many people have been looking for masks with a filter pocket. When they arrived I was disappointed, I don’t feel like they cover my face well and the nose wire did not fit close to the face. The ear straps are extremely long and the strap that’s included was too long to make work effectively.

I tried the adult size on my 8 year old and while they don’t fit her well I can see this shape and size be a good option for tweens and teens with a smaller face.

Overall, I wouldn’t purchase again but keep them in the car as backup. Pack of 3 for $25 these look available to ship and they are stocked at our local store for shop online pickup in store.


Soma Cool Nights Mask on me and my daughter

Now if you have been around a bit then you know I’m a BIG Soma fan and thought well I might as well try their Cool Nights masks to see if they are as soft as the pjs. The great news is they are!! These have a nose wire, filter pocket but not adjustable ear loops.

The downside is because the fabric is softer and this style is close to the face they feel kinda suffocating. It was hard to talk in these because I felt like my breaths in pulled the mask into my mouth (without a filter). I’m wondering if a filter would help give these some rigidity and help with that because they are sooo soft!

These come in a pack of 2 for $15 and now are showing late September ship dates.

Professional Images by Audrie Dollins

*Disclaimer: Please note I am not a medical professional, and these are not medical-grade masks, nor are they FDA approved.

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