Playroom Organization

Some days I want to throw my hands in the air and say I GIVE UP!! Sell all the toys, give away the legos and just go read a book. Then my husband reminds me that it’s called a playroom for a reason and to chill out!

Over the summer we had this room finally painted to match the rest of our house and in that time we decided for a new layout and organization systems. You can see the original layout here that had a cafe that we built.

Sweatshirt (L) | Grey Storage Boxes | Black Bin Clips

Now since our kids are getting older we realized that the cafe was no longer being used and game/ lego table and a TV was now made sense. We took down the cafe that was on the right side of the window, moved our Cameron Wall System into 2 sections.

PBK Cameron Wall System| Carolina Grow with you Table (long legs) | Carolina Play Chairs | Water Hyacinth Storage Bin | Grey Pouf

The first area we added an open base and make this window seat and 2 tall bookshelves that house the majority of the toys in the playroom.

We had plastic bins on the bottom previously but realized we were not utilizing the space best because several of our categories had bigger items that ended up sitting on top of the box.

Carolina Grow with you Table (long legs) | Carolina Play Chairs| Grey Pouf | Clear Play Table Mat

I switched them out for these woven bins with handles that allow bigger items (think play swords) to stick out if they need to and also provide a uniform look across the bottom.

I added white bin clips but wanted descriptions more specific than what the Home Edit labels provided so I purchased clear Avery labels, printed with a font I liked in grey.

white bin clips | Water Hyacinth Storage Bin | Clear Labels

Then since we are staying prepared for virtual learning we have our 3 tiered rolling cart that holds educational supplies tucked into the corner.

The pink top Snapware bins are still some of my favorites but they are SOO hard to find. I started using The Container Store shoe boxes inside our cabinets to keep toys separated. These on Amazon though are close in measurements if you are looking for a bin with a handle.

Then we move to the other side of the room where we used the bookcase cubby part of our wall system to make this low bookshelf and TV stand.

As you notice though these is a HUGE blank wall and I am still working on the perfect artwork to hang there.

Cameron cubby | Grey Storage Boxes | Black Bin Clips | White Rope basket | Acrylic 5 section organizer

This area though is what I’ve converted to lego storage! Yes, 4 of those grey bins hold legos. That way when I don’t want to see them I swipe them off the table, shove them in the bookcase and go on with my day!

We started with each box basic groups of colors but since my son didn’t care about keeping them separate they have gotten pretty mixed together. The only one that has stayed pretty organized it black, grey and white.

Honestly though it doesn’t stress me out like it used to. It takes almost no time to clean up and when my son and husband want to build something they pull out all the boxes around the table and build.

Grey Storage Boxes | Black Bin Clips

Carolina Grow with you Table | Carolina Play Chairs| Clear Play Table Mat

This table started off as a low train table when my son was little and as my kids have gotten older we added the long legs and got the play chairs.

These chairs are sturdy enough for adults (even grandparents) and has allowed for a better family play area. I prefer card games to legos so we also have easy to reach baskets with fun games.

Sweatshirt (L) | Salutation Sash Pocket 7/8 (L)| Cloudswift Running Shoe (tts)

The other thing that we are all LOVING is the new Nintendo Switch! With iPads, controllers, switch and headphones we needed a charging station to keep it all organized.

This clear collator is actually the perfect size to stand up iPads, chrome books and even tuck in the switch case.

Acrylic 5 section organizer | Anker USB 4-port Charger

On the opposite side of the room is a little nook that we have turned into my daughter’s desk area. While we are lucky to have had majority in-person learning this year (so far) it’a a place where she writes, draws does crafts and has done absent learning over the winter break.

You are my sunshine prints | White Frames | Bar | White Cups | Ott Light | Gold Trash Can | Pink Square Boxes | Similar Grey Chair | White Desk

While she was doing some distant learning nearly every day I heard, “where are my headphones?!” For Christmas we got her a more expensive BeatsSolo3 and wanted a place for her to store where they would not get lost!

These hooks adjust and hook onto the side of a desk so you can either put 2 on one hook or have room for cord and headphones.

headphone hanger

The “You are My Sunshine” prints we have had since we moved into our home since I sing it tory kids nearly every night. It reminds me again that they are only little once and even then time flies by.

Clear & Gold Stapler | Wire Gold Pencil Holder | Clear Memo Block | Clear Tray

I hope you enjoy our playroom tour. There are still a few more touches I need to add like a window seat cushion and artwork but we love it!


Organizing our playroom with Pottery Barn Cameron wall system, Carolina Grow with you table and tween desk area. // Kids Playroom // Kids Desk // Lego Storage

Professional Images by Audrie Dollins

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