Shorts Weather Ready with Billie Razor

Do you remember the first time you shaved your legs? I do! We were visiting my grandmother in Seattle and I saw my mom’s disposable razor sitting in the shower and I picked up and went to town. Somehow (mom spidey sense or the mass amount of tween hair stuck in it) she asked me “Hey hon did you use my razor?”

I broke down and said YES! I’m so sorry there were boys at school that teased me because I had dark thick hair on my legs and they said it was gross. I was on the verge of tears when my mom said, “Honey it’s fine if you want to shave your legs you just need to learn how.

Lucky years later I finally found a razor that is worth singing its praises! I’ve been using the Billie razor for years because it’s 5 super sharp blades encased in charcoal aloe shave soap float across skin and curves. Plus I was TIRED of overpaying for women’s razors!

The Billie starter kit comes with the handle, magic holder & 2 blades for only $9 (plus FREE shipping). I opted for the dream pop color but there are five handle colors to choose from.

As the weather warms up I obviously start to use my razor a bit more often, hello shorts season so I love that the magic holder keeps it in the perfect place in my shower.

This small triangle is the magic (magnetic) holder that keeps my razor stored on my shower wall when I’m not using it and out of the reach of little hands that tend to also use our shower!

Since I have very thick dark hair I have to shave pretty frequently during the warm weather months and to ensure I get a great shave I started to also use the Billie Shave Cream.

This cream has a very different feel and texture than those typical foamy ones. It’s a mix of shea butter and olive oil gives almost a slimy texture but allows for the 5 blades to GLIDE ensuring that I can shave very close without any nicks.

So as the weather warms up and I’m pulling out those shorts I’m also ensuring that I’ve adjusted my Billie renewal subscription. I’m able to move from 4 blades every 3 months to monthly and add additional items like this fun super salve.

Can’t wait to see your great looking legs this spring and summer!

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  1. 4.1.21
    Rebecca said:

    Do you think this razor would be good for my 12 year old daughter? She has only used an electric razor because I worry about her nicking herself. But we have gone through two as they don’t seem to last long. So we are ready to switch. What do you think about inexperienced hands using this razor?

    • 4.5.21
      Ryanne Janca said:

      I think this one would be good for a new user!