The past couple of years my kids have been in dance, swimming and a few other activities but it wasn’t until this year that they started some team sports. In the fall they did soccer but this spring my son is on his first baseball team and WOW now I know what sports moms go through.

Athleisure for sports season #momlife #lululemon #athleta #activewear #sports

Tee | Shorts | Sneakers | Apple Watch | Sunglasses

Fit Tips: Tee tts, L // Shorts tts, L // Sneakers size up 1/2

It has been weeks of ups and downs wondering if he was going to improve, then will he have fun, then will they win?! Every game there are highs and lows but man we love it! What I also learned through this process is having the right gear makes all the difference. While the bat and glove and all of that IS important really I’m talking about the spectator gear and outfits!

In Texas it’s been pretty warm especially during our afternoon games so I dress lightweight and comfortable. These Athleta shorts are by far my favorite athletic short because they have a wider waistband, 4″ inseam and come in a ton of prints and colors.

Casual Outfit for Watching Sports #momlife #lululemon #athleta #activewear #sports

Now we will not discuss how long it took for me to realize this but these shorts also have a hidden side pocket where I can hold my iPhone 13 Pro. The pocket zips as well so even if I’m running around, bending etc my phone isn’t falling out.

Lululemon shorts with side pocket #momlife #lululemon #athleticshorts #activewear #sports

My next recent purchase that has quickly become a mom on the go must have is this Lululemon mini backpack. It holds so much more than I thought possible including a full size sunscreen spray, wallet, keys, face SPF stick, pack of tissues, chapstick, phone, phone bank charger AND my mini iPad!! Yes friends it’s that good! Plus the strap can change from a backpack to a crossbody.

Mini Backpack

Then we get to the seating. Since we don’t have bleachers near our practice field it was imperative that we grab some comfortable chairs for twice a week practice and games. We gifted these GCI Folding Rocking chairs to my Father-in-law last year and thought wait maybe we need some too! They are super easy to pop open and they fold up quickly and fit in our wagon.

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Lawn Chair #momlife #lululemon #athleta #activewear #sports #chair #rocker

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker

My most amazing recent purchase is this BrüTank cooler I grabbed for my husband’s birthday. This thing is a sports mom GAME CHANGER!! It has a built in 2.8 gallon tank where you can mix whatever drink you want then dispense from the outside of the cooler. Thicker all-terrain wheels, foam-bench top, built-in bottle opener, 7+ day ice retention and a bunch of accessories like slim can holder and rod holder.

BruTank Cooler #momlife #lululemon #athleta #activewear #sports #chair #brumate

Now the bad news… this cooler has been so popular that most colors are currently on a 5-7 week delay so order now for summer sports (and Father’s Day). Here are the color options:

BruTank Cooler #momlife #cooler #sports #chair #brumate #snacks

Now eventually I’ll want to use this cooler for some adult beverages on the beach but for sports season it’s a great place to keep snacks and drinks. Since we all love Liquid IV on hot days we can add to the tank then dispense from the front spout into individual water bottles.

Grab Liquid IV 25% off with code THERECRUITERMOM

Filling BruTank cooler with Liquid IV  #momlife #active #sports #chair #brumate #liquidIV #hydration

The feature my daughter loves the most though is the padded top which makes it a comfy bench. I will mention though that we had this cooler in the sun as it was airing out after a game and the top did get a bit warped for a few hours. Once it cooled back down it went back but something to keep in mind this summer.

BruTank Cooler #momlife #lululemon #athleta #activewear #sports #chair #brumate

I’ve had some questions on how heavy is the BrüTank compared to a Yeti. Since we don’t own one it’s hard to say but it’s a pretty heavy lift when it’s filled with ice and drinks but I was able to get it in and out of my minivan without any help.

BruTank Cooler & Rocker Chair for game day #momlife #lululemon #athleta #activewear #sports #chair #brumate

While we are knee deep in baseball season I know that this cooler and our chairs will come in handy for football, soccer and all the other sports these kiddos want to try next! Hope you have a great spring season no matter the sport you are cheering on.

Sports Mom Life #momlife #lululemon #athleta #activewear #sports #chair #brumate #cooler #lawnchair #athleisure

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