Spring Break Fashion Under $50

It’s almost spring!!! ok, ok it’s not but what is coming soon is Spring Break and while I know that some people like to see the snow in March I like to see the SUN! We will be going on another cruise this year and what I learned last year is that comfy and casual is key.

This year I scoured some of my favorite places and found some great cute and casual options for all under $50. These are easy mix and match styles would also make a great vacation capsule.

Tee | Shorts | Sandals | Tote | Away Luggage

Similar Green Tee (mine is not online yet) | Black Athletic Tee | V Neck Tee | Long Sleeve Stripe Tee | Braided Sandals | Flip Flops | White Sneakers | Tan & White Sneakers | Black Tote (same as my quilted) | Crochet Bag | Sunglasses | Necklace | Earrings | Gauze Pants | Denim Shorts | Linen Blend Shorts | Soft Black Shorts | Taupe Athletic Shorts

Tee | Shorts | Flip Flops

Fit Tips: Tee tts, L // Shorts tts, L // Flip Flops tts

This v-neck tee has been a spring and summer staple of mine for YEARS! To say that I have about 10 might be accurate. It has a great length (will shrink a bit after first wash and dry) for shorts and joggers plus it’s not clingy and the white is not sheer. I pair this v-neck with basically everything in my luggage.

These new all in motion shorts are lightweight, moisture wicking and good for excursions or a workout but do have a bit shorter inseam.

Tee | Denim Shorts | Black Shorts | Linen Blend Shorts | Sneakers | Flip Flops | Sandals

Tee | Shorts | Sandals

Fit Tips: Tee tts, L // Shorts tts, L // Sandals size up 1/2

I also try and pack a tee that can be used for a quick work out or just can dry fast! Great to also throw over a swimsuit when I headed in from the pool or beach. This black tee is perfect because it’s a good weight, not too clingy and also works well with all the bottoms packed.

You can even pair with the gauze pant for an all black look and throw over a denim jacket and great lunch look!

Tee | Denim Shorts | Taupe Shorts | Linen Blend Shorts | Sandals | Sneakers | Flip Flops

Tee | Shorts | Sneakers | Alternative White

Fit Tips: Tee tts, L // Shorts size up, 14 // Sneakers tts

These shorts are a favorite of the TRM tribe and I get it! They are cute, stretchy and great for vacations. I paired it this time with a long sleeve stripe tee that is good when I can get a little chilly but it’s still a tropical setting. This looks best IMO paired with denim, green and navy.

Tee | Denim Shorts | Linen Blend Shorts | Jeans | Sneakers | Sandals | Flip Flops

Tee | Shorts | Flip Flops

Fit Tips: Tee tts, L // Shorts tts, L // Flip Flops tts

Now this exact tee is not the one I have linked because mine is not available online and it was a bit clingy I prefer the fit of the new day tee but still love this bright green. If you are wanting to stay more neutral going with a grey tee would also work great and add some versatility to your outfits.

These shorts though might be my new favorite Target find! They are super soft for lounging, have pockets and a nice wide ruched waistband.

Tee | Black Shorts | Denim Shorts | Pants | Flip Flops | Sneakers | Sandals

Swimsuit | Pants | Sandals | Tote Bag

Fit Tips: Swimsuit tts, 12 // Pants tts, L // Slides size up 1/2

These gauze pants are such a great affordable find! I had a pair last year in the cruise that I wore a TON but they were super pricey. This pair is much more affordable and has that trendy slide slit. Throw these over a swimsuit for a beach outfit. Pair with any of the tees for a casual lunch look.

Lynn Bracelet | Dawn Bracelet | Stack Bracelets | Earrings | Necklace

Now no vacation packing is complete without some accessories! I’m LOVING the new resort collection from Victoria Emerson because it pairs well with everything I have on my packing list plus they gave me a 50% off code to share with all of you!! Use code 50TRM for 50% off

Sandals (size up 1/2) | Sneakers (tts) | Flip Flops (tts)

Now for the shoes!! I’m a total flip flop and sneakers girl and will throw in one pair of heels for dinners but majority of the time you will see me in one of these 3 styles. Although I’m also loving the look of the Target athletic sneaker and have those on order too!

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