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A little over two weeks ago I was sitting on a beach in Texas that I look forward to visiting EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

Now is Galveston, TX the prettiest beach? NOPE.

Does it have white sand and clear water? NOPE.

It’s pretty much brown mud sand when you get a closer look, but from the deck of our rental house it’s the most beautiful and peaceful sight ever!

When I met my husband this beach became one of my most treasured vacation spots. His parents grew up on the island, he came here as a kid and now we bring our kids here every year. We always vacation with my in-laws and this year the bonding time with their grandparents and a week of extra help was soo needed.

It feels like this is one of the few times in the year when I have time to kick up my feet and read a book! I love reading and have been a pretty fast reader my entire life but during a vacation I want something light, fun and engaging.

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If you are looking for some books that are in that category then read on friend! I will mention that this year I UPGRADED my reading device. I was tired of lugging heavy books around and once the kids basically took over both mini iPads I needed a Kindle.

For Mother’s Day my family got me the most epic Kindle Oasis that is waterproof up to 1 hour submerged in fresh water, adjustable light and page turning buttons. It’s so light and it fits in my purse so I’ve been reading a ton more lately.

As I mentioned I love a great fun, funny, frivolous read when I’m on vacation and since I’m also knee deep in the mom years many of these also hit hard on that time of life.


Where the Crawdads Sing– At this point if you haven’t read this NY Times bestseller and Reese Book Club Favorite then you must be living under a rock! Ok, ok maybe you’ve been homeschooling and balancing life so if that’s the case take a break and read a story about a coming of age story about a girl living in the swamps of Louisiana and a mysterious murder. Trust me you will not want to put this book down.

American Royals & American Royals II: Majesty– If George Washington had become king instead of President then this is the story of his heirs to the throne. Its like reading Us Weekly about the royal family, watching Hamilton and the Bachelor all in one, needless to say I was hooked and read both books in a matter of days.

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (A Hunger Games Novel) If you loved the Hunger Games (ME!!) then pick up the newest book which is a prequel all about how President Snow comes the man that hates District 12.

Class Mom & You’ve Been Volunteered (Book 2) My cousin recommend this book for my beach trip this year and it was PERFECT! Hilarious read that reminded me of ALL the crazy class emails we had been sending around when we were shut down by COVID-19.

Whiskey in a Teacup This is one of the few books that I recommend owning the hardcover. The pictures are beautiful and since it has a fair amount of recipes it’s nice to see them on a page. I listened to this one on my Audible and then ended up buying the actual book. Reese Witherspoon talks about growing up in the south, why she only knows how to do her hair in hot rollers, how to effectively make sun tea and how she got into Hollywood.

Cat and Nat’s Mom Truths If you haven’t seen their Facebook videos or headed to their IG to witness some of the most truth telling stories of motherhood (with a Canadian accent) do it NOW! Then read their book! I’ve been listening to this one because I like hearing the voices of authors but trust me reading it you will laugh out load, nod your head YAASSS! and probably cry a little (I have).

#IMOMSOHARD This is another mom duo from the midwest that has made me laugh so hard I kinda peed a little. If you haven’t seen their Spanx video or bathing suit video please understand where I get my humor and watch them! Their book is a story of their friendship and the honest journey of motherhood and marriage.

Open Book I’ve grown up a Mickey Mouse Club fan back in the JC and Kari days so hearing the life story of Jessica Simpson was eye opening. She spills her soul on her first marriage, addiction to alcohol and absolute obsession of John Mayer. This was another book I listened to but reading it on the beach would have been just as good.

Winter in Paradise, What Happens in Paradise & coming soon Troubles in Paradise This book series I was tipped off to from Cassie from Hi Sugarplum and omg it’s good! It’s a story of a mother and her two sons arriving to the Virgin Islands after their father/ husband was in a mysterious plane crash with a local woman. Why was he there? who was the woman? All the secrets and love stories unfold! I seriously can’t wait until the 3rd book is released in October 2020.

Now that I’ve shared some of my favorite fun reads, what is on your kindle or bedside table? What should I read next?

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  1. 7.8.20
    Susan said:

    Little Wonders by Kate Rorick reminds me of Laurie Gelman’s books. That would be another one to add to your “summer light” reading list. Happy reading!