I’m not sure about you but just reading “back to school” gives me a little bit of anxiety. As a parent of two kids in elementary school (my youngest starting Kindergarten this year) we have gone back and forth on WHAT we are going to do about school. Our district has announced 3 plans that vary from full time in-person to yeah we’ll handle this homeschool style ourselves.

I absolutely can not tell you what is the best plan I’ve realized that every family must figure out based on their state, family and comfort level what is best. What I CAN help with is getting prepared for whatever your plan is. The first list I’m going to share is elementary school if you are going back in person. I have kids going into the 3rd grade and Kindergarten so I tried to show girl “older kid” items and boy “younger kid” items for reference.


Athleta Girls Tank and Capris: My daughter going into the 3rd grade has pretty much switched to a 70% athletic wardrobe and her favorites are from athleta girl (tank 7 capris 8/10 for slender build). Although the Amazon essentials and Spotted Zebra has some great options for tanks and capris she has also loved.

Hydroflask with straw lid: Once my daughter got a Hydroflask for Christmas that’s all she wants to use and so the flip top straw lid is on her list next for easy use and a little more water to bring to school. We are also trying out this affordable option with fund colors.

Athleta Kids Masks with bungee for ear relief: So far these masks have been our favorite that we have tried. In our school we are still not sure how often the kids will be wearing them but I want to be prepared with one for every school day. I also found these bungees that attach to the masks that allow to relieve your ears but also have the mask hang around your neck if it’s not in use.

Spotted Zebra Activewear Set: When we picked up this set in early spring I was shocked at the quality and fit. It’s a cute set with activewear material that includes shorts with pockets plus comes in a ton of styles and sizes.

Printed Bentgo Box: These bento boxes are our school must have especially for my younger one where he takes FOREVER to eat. This way two snaps and he is ready for lunch, no opening bags or containers and wasting precious eating time. My daughter also likes the “fresh” version that is a bit bigger and can hold a salad or full sandwich on one side.


Bentology Lunch Box for Kids: For years my kids have had personalized lunch boxes from PBK but last year I found these cute ones from Amazon and we love them! They have great pockets and fit the Bentgo box well. For under $13 great for backup also. Boys prints here

Girls Adidas Lite Racer Shoes: Now every school year I try to ensure that my kids have at least one great pair of sneakers and one pair of slip on shoes that can be easily washed (typically natives). These sneakers my daughter has loved for the fit and colors. More colors here

Kids Echo Dot: My daughter has loves having this little player in her room and now can ask Alexa questions or what’s the weather to help her get ready in the morning.

Olly Kids Mighty Immunity Gummies with Wellmune & Elderberry: Over the past few months we have fallen in love with these kids multivitamins with elderberry built it! They taste good so I don’t have to fight with the kids on taking them.

LunchPunch DINOSAUR Sandwich Cutter (also has princess, mermaid and unicorn): I love making lunch fun and cute punches totally help with that! We have both the dinosaur and mermaid sets.

TICONDEROGA Pencils pre-sharpened: If you are homeschooling or sending kids to school these are the #1 pencil for a reason and this year it’s a good idea to pick up some for your own supply.

Thermos Funtainer Water Bottle : While my daughter loves her hydro flask my son isn’t quite ready for a bottle that size and does great with the Thermos funtainer size. Still keeps water cold but in a manageable younger kids size.

TurboSke Toddler Bike Helmet: Finding a good breathable helmet for my 5 year old has been a pain until we found this one! covers great and has tons of airflow.

Germ-X Hand Sanitizer: Yes I know finding these can be a challenge but typically look early in the morning and check both the flip-top and pumps styles. This is the only kind that doesn’t smell horrible to me or leave my hands a chapped mess.


Razor A2 Scooter & A3 style: although bikes have been hard to grab this summer these classic scooter are currently in stock! My kids love to scooter and many times seems easier as an option to and from school.

Travel Size Squeeze Bottles for hand sanitizer: Having hand sanitizer in smaller travel bottles is going to be so important come fall so these squeeze bottles are perfect to slip into a backpack or sports bag.

Rosemary Repel Daily Kid Conditioning Spray for Lice Prevention: Although we all have COVID-19 on the brain don’t forget that lice happens act school too! I grab this Rosemary spray especially at the beginning of the year and spray down backpacks daily.

Bumbkins Wet Bags: Now these are called sandwich bags but honestly these are going to be “clean mask” and “dirty mask” bags. I think it’s important to have places for things to go and this way my kids can keep two bags available to store masks in. These are also my pick because the bag itself is machine washable.

Garmin Vivofit Jr 2: Now I have friends that love the Verizon Gizomo Watch for the ability to call and gps tracker but we only needed one that had alarms, time and fitness tracking. Both are good options but depending on what you need them for!

Native Shoes: These are my kids favorite easy slip on shoes that can be hosed down or scrubbed as needed.

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