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Teachers are some of the hardest working, get little thanks, even less money do it with a smile people. We are so blessed to have teams of teachers and administrators pour into our kids. We have started handing out our holiday gifts and to see the light and joy on the face of the teachers that sometimes get overlooked (like PE or front desk staff) just warms my heart. Since my kids have been babies they have been in day care settings though where in their class they can have up to 3 teachers then 3-4 administrators which let’s be real can get a little pricey. I wanted to give you a few options for some inexpensive teacher gifts that will still make them feel as special as they are:


  1. Voluspa Trio Candles $24 

These are wonderfully smelling mini tin candles that when split up are $8 each and I wrapped in tissue paper then found cute Merry & Bright tags. The ones in the picture I found in a pack at Home Goods but these you can pick up from Amazon for $13 for 50!


2. Rose Gold Ball Point Pens $9.99

It feels better to write a note about your son going into time out for wrestling when it’s done with a pretty pen, right?!


3. Lanyard with Heart $10.99

“To teach a child is to touch the future” this pretty necklace also hold their school badge, and also has that daily reminder of how incredibly special their job is.


4. Scarf and/ or hat $19.99 each

No matter where you live when it’s 7:30 in the morning it’s cold and standing outside for drop off line it’s even colder! This knit hat and snuggly scarf will be a welcome addition to the early morning outfit.


5. Last Minute Gift Card 

Did you forget that special teacher or assistant.. doh! Grab this e-gift card for a little Starbucks but get 5% off using your Red Card and everyone is happy! If they don’t like coffee grab another one from this list of cards with your extra discount. 

To all the teachers out there we love and respect you. Thank you for all that you do to help build our children into caring adults. Happy Holidays!!

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