The Best Holiday Movies (for the Hallmark cheesy movie lover)

It’s that time of the year when all I want to do is get in pjs, pop some popcorn and binge watch holiday movies. Luckily I also have a daughter that LOVES watching the cheesiest movies with me. Today I’m sharing my picks for our favorite holiday movies for 2022 AND all the things you need for a great movie night.

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Fred Claus | Santa Claus 2 | Elf | Tray | Popcorn containers | Barefoot Dreams Blanket

For a few years I was trying to find the best popcorn containers, ones that won’t break, hold a serving for 1 AND are dishwasher safe. Last year for Christmas my husband got me these from Crate & Barrel and we use them nearly every week! One microwave popcorn can fill up 3 of these, they also sell a “big” bowl if you want to share.

Soma Cool Nights PJs | Matching Family Plaid

The other must have for a great movie night are:

  • Smart TV that has streaming capabilities we have this one
  • Snuggly Blankets we love these & these
  • Popcorn, drinks & maybe a few sweet treats
  • PJs or comfy clothes (HA pjs are great for kids and I love Soma)
  • Tray with handles to carry all your goodies to the movie watching area
  • People you love

Now that you have all the essentials let’s talk about types of movie’s I’ll be sharing. I love the super cheesy, love at the end feel good kind of movie. For the ease of movie nights we typically stream movies but there some classics I have on Blue-Ray.

These popcorn containers are PERFECT for movie night! #christmasmovies #holidaymovies #hallmark #cheesymovies #movielover #popcorn #barefootdreams #elf #santaclaus #fredclaus
  • Spirited– Let’s just say I watched it because I’m a huge Elf and Ryan Reynolds fan but OMG this movie gave me everything I could possibly want in a holiday movie. Singing, dancing, laughs, heart for real this might be my new Elf. (Apple TV 2022)
  • Falling for Christmas– It’s the return of Lindsay Lohan and if you don’t watch just for the cute outfits watch this for the cute yet cheesy plot of a hotel heiress that loses her memory after a skiing accident. (Netflix 2022)
  • Christmas With You– A pop star who’s got career burnout and escapes to a small town where she finds inspiration and a shot of love. This one is cute and cheesy exactly what I love!  (Netflix 2022)
  • The Noel Diary– When a best-selling author returns home at Christmas to settle his mother’s estate, he finds a diary that holds secrets to the past. Y’all this was so slow I turned it off then forced myself to come back to the predictable ending it’s just not good. (Netflix 2022)
  • The Claus Family 2 – “Santa’s one job? Deliver presents. But as Jules takes the reins from his Grandpa Noël, he receives a young girl’s letter with a special holiday wish.” Still haven’t seen 1 or 2 but on my list. (Netflix 2022)
  • The Santa Clauses– One of my FAVORITE holiday movies is back in a limited TV series with Scott Calvin (yes the original Tim Allen is back) trying to figure out his Santa retirement plan. The first two episodes were a little slwo but it’s getting good. (Disney+ / November 16, 2022)
  • My Christmas Fiancé – A part-time student working at a resort restaurant in beautiful Italy is hired by her boss to be his fiancé for the holidays, so he can avoid getting married. Still on my watch list. (Hulu 2020)
  • Christmas on Repeat – This Groundhog Day meets Christmas move was actually really cute! I loved the predictable yet sweet story and how this mom finally does Christmas Day right. (Hulu 2022)
  • Catering Christmas This cute movie has the struggling caterer get her big break for the wealthy family in town, can she make the Christmas party a success, oh and fall in love with the wealthy nephew I’ll let you take a guess. Fun yet predictable (Hulu 2022)
  • The Hip Hop Nutcracker– If you love SYTYCD old school people like Twitch and Allison plus are a Nutcracker fan WATCH this!! I’m a fan of both and my kids were like mom we get, you know all the dancers! (Disney+ 2022)

  • Elf– I have to put Elf at the top of my list because in my house the holiday season does not start until I watch Elf. It is by far my favorite Christmas movie and I love that my kids love it too! (HBO Max // Blu-Ray 2003)
  • The Princess Switch 1, 2 & 3 – Love the original that has baking competition, love, parent trap style plot all with a royal castle and prince! The 2nd one adds an identical relative into the switching fun and this year’s version added a missing priceless Christmas relic. My daughter and I have watched all 3 Many, many times! (Netflix 2018, 2020, 2021)
  • A Christmas Prince; The Royal Wedding & The Royal Baby– I feel like these are the OG Netflix Holiday movies and my daughter and I watch them over and over again. It’s all about a commoner falling in love with the prince, then getting married, then having a baby ya know typical fairytale stuff all with great holiday decor. (Netflix 2017, 2018, 2019)
  • Noelle– This cute movie is all about Santa’s kids and who takes on the family business. Anna Kendrick is adorable and love the Elf style humor (Disney+ 2019)
  • Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch– We don’t like the Jim Carrey version but love this animated version. This one has great humor, heart and just an easy family watch. (Blu-Ray 2018)
  • Fred Claus– The good vs the bad Claus brothers makes for a hilarious movie very Old School feeling but with less adult humor making it good for maybe 7 and up. (HBO Max // Blu-ray 2007)
  • The Polar Express– This classic story of riding the train to see Santa is loved in our house and we always have some hot chocolate during that song. (HBO Max // Blu-ray 2004)
  • The Santa Clause (1, 2 & 3) We have debates every year if we should start with #1 or just watch our favorite #2, everyone in the house though agrees that #3 is our least favorite but we still watch it! Tim Allen in these classic 90s movies is so much fun to watch. (Disney+ 1994, 2002, 2006 // Blu-ray 3 pack)
  • Jingle Jangle We love the dancing and music along with the victorian era costumes and Christmas feeling. (Netflix 2020)

Burts Bees Family Pjs

  • Love Hard– This one was a HIT in my book with the post of getting catfished to an updated PC take on Baby It’s Cold outside I’ve already rewatched.. twice! (Netflix 2021)
  • Holiday in Santa Fe Mario Lopez stars in this movie about saving his mom’s Hallmark style shop. This one had lots of heart and since I have visited Santa Fe a ton as a kid it was a fun watch (Hulu 2021)
  • Holiday Fix Up Love this HGTV fixer upper meets romantic holiday movie in a quaint small town (because aren’t they all based in some town that sounds amazing!) (Prime 2021)
  • Holiday In the Wild– While this didn’t feel super Christmas-y but I love the African safari views and Kristin Davis so I was hooked. (Netflix 2019)
  • Christmas With a View– Very Hallmark feeling plot with a culinary twist, plus mountain views makes it a fun and romantic watch. (Netflix)
  • The 12 Dates of Christmas – It’s like Christmas meets Groundhog Day and I loved it! With Zack from Saved by the Bell it’s a fun watch. (Disney+ 2011)
  • Christmas Inheritance– The Paris Hilton style debutante has to learn why a small town made the heart and tradition of her family’s business. While I liked this one it’s not at the top of my list. (Netflix 2017)
  • A Castle for Christmas– Brooke Shields is back in action but in a Scottish countryside at Christmas. Watch this at least for the beautiful castles and scenery (oh and the accents!) (Netflix 2021)
  • Four Christmases– While I don’t love any of the Lampoon movies I do love the award family dynamics in this movie from 2008 with Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon. (HBO Max // Blu-ray 2015)
  • Let It Snow– It’s like Breakfast Club meets Christmas and while I like a little bit more sappy holiday movie this one was fun. (Netflix 2019)
  • Christmas with a Prince– When a prince gets into a skiing accident he has to stay in the childrens hospital with a friend from school but the annoyance and romance flies. Not my favorite but cheesy love and the holidays I loved it. (Netflix 2019)
  • Operation Christmas Drop– I watched this last year and loved the tropical setting and plot of an AirForce base having a big operation drop for the holidays. Misunderstandings and romance plus a huge toy drive tugs at the heart. (Netflix 2020)
  • Snowbound for Christmas– Ok I’m sorry this movie is like my dream come true, snowed in at a 5 star hotel with everyone “practicing” their hospitality skills on me and the handsome business owner who is falling in love with me. Yeah I was a sucker for this one. (Netflix 2019)

Now I know that there is a whole catalog of holiday movies on Hulu that are pulled from Lifetime and don’t get me started on Hallmark I would have to take the entire month of December off to watch all of them but when I see ones I love I’ll be adding to the list!

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    Love Actually is my go to!

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    Great list! I’ll have to check some of these out.