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Since my son was about 2 he started to REALLY get into dinosaurs, like loved them. I think it’s a pretty common phase because speaking with a few other moms, dinosaurs are here to stay… well kind of I mean they are still extinct.  I wanted to show you some ideas for that dinosaur lover in your life, since he is now 3.5 and the love for dinosaurs has not wavered. I started building a list of our favorites on Amazon that you can shop but I’ll talk about a few of the top choices here.


  • Usborne Peek Inside dinosaurs– I absolutely love the Usborne peek inside series because they have fun flaps for little hands and great pictures. Honestly I could do an entire post on just the Usborne dinosaur books we have but here are a few more we love since they are not on Amazon:
Usborne Peek Inside dinosaurs
  • Dinosaur who lost his roar– adorable story on a dinosaur that liked scaring his friends then he got a sore throat from all the roaring.
Dinosaur who lost his roar
Lift the flap questions and answers about dinosaurs
  • That’s not my dinosaur– for the younger Dino lovers this is a GREAT baby book with touch and feel pages we had a ton of this series when the kids were small.
  • Nibbles: the dinosaur adventure– if you have not read the original Nibbles it’s about a book monster that eats through books. These have cool cut out pages and flaps as Nibbles eats his way through a dinosaur book.


Nibbles: the dinosaur adventure

Now back to the list…

  • Mudpuppy puzzle sticks $13.99– My husband and I found these when we were on vacation  in a cute little toy store in Breckenridge, CO. They are perfect for the early puzzle builders because they are like big craft sticks that you put together on the board to build a dinosaur. It creates 6 puzzles so you also feel like you are getting your bang for your buck, luckily for you they also sell them on Amazon!


Mudpuppy puzzle sticks


  • Ravensburger Dinosaur Puzzle $8.38– We have loved the Ravensburger First Frame Tray puzzles where little fingers can pop out the pieces and then put them back in (a few on our little boy list) but when we went full dinosaur mode I found this one and I’ll be honest it’s HARD. It does not have pieces that interlock but rather their outline is on the board and they slip together. At 3.5 my son still gets frustrated by it but big sister thinks its a blast. I put some other Ravensburger Dino puzzles on the list for younger hands.


Ravensburger Dinosaur Puzzle
  • Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin Blanket Quilt $49.99– I first saw this brand at a wonderful natural baby store in Fredrickburg, TX (apparently I shop for my kids a lot on vacation) and immediately went to see what other prints they had hoping for dinosaurs and I hit the jackpot. This is a 15 layer muslin quilt that fits perfectly in a crib or toddler bed. It gets softer each wash and they even have a new Little Unicorn & Jurassic World quilt that has brighter colors that would be great for the little girl Dino lovers.
Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin Blanket Quilt $49.99
  • Terra mini dinosaurs $19.57– Let’s be honest there are a ton of little dinosaurs you can buy online but what I love about Terra is even in a tiny toy they have good details and colors. This is a tub of 62 so when you loose a few at school, playground and at the beach you don’t worry too much.
  • Lego Creator Mighty Dinosaurs 3 in 1 $11.99– Little kids will need help putting this together but once we did little man LOVES playing with it. The tail pops off occasionally but hey it’s a lego dinosaur so it pops right back on, also you can switch it up by creating 3 different Dinos.


Lego Creator Mighty Dinosaurs 3 in 1
  • Danny and the dinosaur series $11.89 for 5– so here is my mom truth, at night when I read my kids books I like a story. So all the ABCs questions and answers and big books just don’t do it for me I want a plot people! Even my son now knows which books mama will read lol so I love these Danny and the dinosaur books because they have a cute story about Danny (go figure) and his adventures with his dinosaur. We picked up this one right before out beach trip because it went with the theme.
  • Jellycat bashful dinosaur (medium) $22.50– our love for jellycat stuffed animals is strong, I actually don’t want to count how many we have but the medium size is our favorite. It’s a great snuggling size but still easy to travel with. We also have a few of the small size which make great Easter basket or stocking stuffers. The small size we bring on trips when they need a little soft friend with them and don’t want to have to keep up with a bigger toy (I.e. I don’t have room in my purse).

I hope you love some of our favorites, check out the FULL LIST on Amazon. Also if you want more fashion, home organization and kid favorites please follow me on Instagram!

Hugs, Ry

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