It’s Monday.. what’s for lunch?

Hopefully I have convinced everyone how awesome Bentgo Kids boxes are for travel and school lunches but I know what you are saying.. what the heck do I put in this thing! First I want to mention again, my kids are not big sandwich eaters.. never have been and even after trying turkey & cheese on a Hawaiian roll little girl still doesn’t love them.

So here are a few non sandwich ideas:


  • Annies mini cookie bites– 1/2 a bag fits perfectly in the round spot plus they are 20% off at Target right now!
  • Annies bunny fruit snacks– another sweet snack that 1 package fits perfectly in the round spot, 34% off at Target
  • Frozen Pineapple chunks– put these in frozen and by lunch they have thawed! I know not everyone has a Trader Joes so I linked the Organic version at Target.


  • Fresh Mozzarella Pearls– These are like mini fresh mozzarella balls perfect for the little compartments and little hands.
  • Hard Boiled Eggs- for easy peel hard boiled eggs steam for 13-14 minutes (depending on the size egg you get) then put in cold water for 5 minutes they will be perfect!


  • Mini Cucumbers and Regular cucumbers- The minis fit in the long rectangular area or slice up a regular cucumber and place with some other veggies like baby carrots and cherry tomatoes for a rainbow of good food.
  • Fruit shapes- make some strawberry hearts, melon balls or watermelon stars and know that they will be gobbled up! We have an old Pampered Chef set of cutters but these look good on Amazon if you don’t have any yet- Vegetable Cutter Shape set
  • Peanut Butter energy balls- This one can be tough if you are at a no nut school or have a classmate that has a nut allergy, but they are super yummy and packed with nutrients.


  • Jicama sticks- If you haven’t tried this slightly sweet, crunchy, high fiber root vegetable you are missing out! Plus lots of places now sell them cut into sticks ready to eat, throw a few in the rectangular section or cut into cubes for one of the smaller sections.
  • Deli meat rolls- This one I feel is a given, it’s like the sandwich without the bread but worth mentioning because sometimes we just forget! We love Applegate brand for no antibiotics that you can pick up at most stores including Target.
  • Salami- My daughter’s favorite is a peppered salami but she loves just about any- this brand makes a mini that fits well in the box.


Hope this helps get some ideas started for this new week of school! I hope all your kiddos have a great one.

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Hugs, Ry

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